2 Pack Razor Scraper Set With 30 Extra Blades

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2 Pack Razor Scraper Set With 30 Extra Blades

2 Pack Razor Scraper Set with 30 Extra Blades Razor Scraper

This two-piece multi-purpose and mini razor scraper set features a TPR or tough polypropylene handle for comfortable grip and superior longevity. A 4-position manual retraction mechanism ensures better control and comfort. This product is guaranteed to work for many years, thanks to a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. It is also 100% risk-free to purchase, so you have nothing to lose.

2-Piece Multi-Purpose and Mini Razor Scraper Set

The DILAKS 2-Piece multi-purpose and miniature razor scraper set with thirty extra blades will come in handy for many different tasks. These blades can be used to remove stubborn stickers, decals, paint residues, and even tape. Depending on the product, the scrapers are perfect for cleaning glass, ceramic tiles, and painted walls. These scrapers are durable, easy to handle, and safe to use.

The patented flexible blades are perfect for removing paint, stickers, adhesive, and other surfaces. You can purchase these replacement blades separately or buy a set of two. Each scraper is equipped with an adjustable handle. The flexible handle and 0.028"-thick edge allow you to exert a strong force when working with it. This tool will save you money and frustration in the long run.

Beaver Blade Piccolo

A handyman's tool, the 2 Pack Beaver Bladr Piccolo Razor Scraper Set comes with 30 extra blades to keep you sharp and ready to use. It is made of high-quality plastic and is ideal for scraping off stickers, paint, adhesive, and other materials. With the removable upper cover, this tool can easily be stored in the glove compartment of your car.

It is an excellent scraper for removing stickers, decals, paint, and other residue from glass, metal, and tile surfaces. The included brushes are designed to remove paint rollers and tape without scratching surfaces. The scraper is also useful for cleaning paint sealants and removing window tint film. It is lightweight and easy to hold in one hand. Featuring a textured handle and three stainless steel blades, this scraper is durable and designed for heavy-duty jobs.


A great way to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean is with the REXBETI Multi-Purpose Razor Scraper Set with 30 Extra Blade. These handy tools come with an adjustable handle and come with 20 metal blades and 30 extra blades. You'll also find that the plastic blades are easy to clean and come in handy for other cleaning tasks. This multi-purpose tool is ideal for cleaning stovetops and ovens, as well as cleaning glass windows and window washer blades.

This multi-purpose tool features an ergonomic design and comes with two slots at the back to keep the blade in place. Its plastic blade is safe and easy to change, and its blade is multi-functional, which means it can remove stickers, labels, paint, and decals. This multi-purpose scraper can also be used for various other cleaning tasks, such as removing paint.


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