4 Pacifiers Puppy Kitten Silicone Feeder Doggie Bubble Bowl 180 ML

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4 Pacifiers Puppy Kitten Silicone Feeder Doggie Bubble Bowl 180 ml

The benefits of a Silicone Feeder for your new puppy or kitten will outweigh any drawbacks. Not only will your new pet have an easy time eating and drinking, but it will also look adorable in your home. There are several different types of these feeders available on the market, including silicone, plastic, metal, and wooden ones. To help you decide which one will be right for your new pup, you should read the product descriptions before you purchase. You should also check out if the store you plan to purchase the product from has coupons or discount offers on products.

Universal pet milk bowl for cats and dogs

The Cbec Pet Nursing Milk Bowl is a scientifically-designed cup that encourages puppies to suck and drink naturally. The bottle is designed to support the natural position of drinking and sucking as well as normal contractions of labor. This product also has vitamin B6 and D3 for the health of your baby, making it safe for both you and your pet. It includes a two-ounce bottle, a brush for cleaning the bottle, and five nipps.

Using a Universal pet milk bowl will allow your pet to drink nutrient-rich milk while avoiding choking. The tummy shape of the milk imitates the position of the pet mother while lying down, allowing the pet baby to independently sip the milk. It also provides the hydration, electrolytes, and other nutrients that are essential to a pet's health. The bottle comes in two sizes to accommodate different sizes of bowls, making it convenient to find one that works for both dogs and cats.

Easy to place order

If you are in the market for an excellent feeding solution for your small dog or cat, you can buy this Silicone Puppy Feeder from Lazada. You can enjoy several benefits from Lazada such as free shipping, vouchers, and exclusive deals. Lazada also allows you to pay with your LazWallet to enjoy even more savings.

This feeding solution is suitable for small breed dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. The silicone design on the bottom prevents nipples from blocking. It is also washable and reusable. These feeding solutions are very convenient and can save your valuable time. The product is recommended for puppies and kittens born from six to eight weeks of age.

Wide variety of products

A silicone-based nipple feeder for puppies is a great way to offer a pacifier to your puppy and prevent choking. These bowls feature a moderate pacifier hole size, a lid, and are made of 100% food-grade silicone. Your puppy will love using this pacifier feeder instead of the traditional needle feeding method.

A silicone-based nipple feeder makes the feeding process easy for your pet, with a symmetrical orthodontic silicone nipple. The soft silicone is highly flexible and easy to clean. A silicone pet nipple is an excellent fit for a new baby's nipple, and a soft design minimizes the risk of choking if your puppy accidentally swallows it.

The Multi Nipples For Puppies are dishwasher-safe. They feature three feeding nozzles to make it feel as if your baby is nursing from its mother, and they are much easier to use than a bottle. It is even possible to feed two or three puppies at once, making it a good choice for breeders or parents. Another helpful addition to your puppy's feeding experience is a pacifier set. Designed to be comfortable for your puppy and convenient for you, this kit comes with 4 pacifiers in different sizes and styles.


Among the many brands of baby feeding products, 4 Pacifiers Puppy Kitten Siliconene Feeder Doggie Bubble Bowl 180 ML is an outstanding choice for a baby's first feeding. It features a soft and lightweight material that's also machine washable. This product is suitable for a wide range of pets, including puppies, kittens and even adults!

This feeding product is made of food-grade silicone for optimum safety. Silicone is highly flexible, durable, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. This feeding bottle also features a scale that will help you gauge the size of your baby's bottle. It's easy to clean, too, and the design is ideal for your newborn pet. The feeding bottle is made of high-quality silicone, which prevents it from being clogged with food or debris.

This feeding set includes three different nozzles to make feeding easier for both your puppy and you. Unlike the traditional bottle feeding method, this feeding container allows you to feed three puppies at a time. This product is a must-have for breeders and pet owners alike! Similarly, there is a Cat Nursing Bottle Set that comes with 4 different pacifiers, from a single poop to a full-sized one.


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