4 Pack Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool

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Magnetic Pick Up Tool 4 Pack Telescopic Magnet StickBefore you buy a Magnetic Pick Up Tool, it is important to consider several factors, including size, price, brand, and care. Keep reading to learn more about these handy tools. Here are some of the best ones:


Magnetic telescopic pick up tools are incredibly useful in various situations. They can be extended up to three or four times their original length. Whether you need to reach small metal pieces, or are in the process of repairing your vehicle, the telescopic magnet stick is the perfect solution. Its telescopic design makes it easy to use it wherever you need to reach.

The 20 lb Magnetic Telescoping Pick Up Tool is made of sturdy A3 steel tube and has a maximum suction weight of 20 pounds. The suction is based on the area of contact and the location of the absorbent object. Despite the size, this magnet stick is ideal for picking up small metal objects, such as tools and jewelry. The handles are adjustable from seven to 30 inches in diameter.


One of the most important features of the Magnetic Pick Up Tool is its magnet. You can use it to pick up different things like animals, cars, and drains. A better magnet is the key to this tool. The stick can reach six inches up to thirty-six inches. These tools are also lightweight so you can use them for long distances. In addition, they are designed for maximum mechanical control.

One of the best features of this pick up tool is its size and design. It can extend up to 40 inches and collapse to 24 inches. It is great for picking up metal scraps. In addition, it features an ergonomically designed handle with a comfortable grip. Moreover, the magnetic head is 3.25 inches in diameter. The Stalwart Magnetic Pick Up Tool can be angled and collapsed.


Designed for use in tight spaces, the Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool is an extension of a magnetic pick up stick. It extends from 7.75 to 31.9 inches and features an 8-lb pulling power and a strong magnet. The tool has a non-slip grip handle, a steel spring and a strong suction. It also includes a swivel mirror that helps you inspect the item being picked.

The magnetic pick-up tool is designed with a telescopic handle. You can extend the handle from seven inches to 30 inches, and it can even reach the top of your car. This tool is made with the same quality and durability as other magnetic pick-up tools. You can purchase it from Amazon.com and other online stores. It is possible to receive your purchase from India as long as you are willing to pay for it.


If you're planning to purchase a magnetic pick up tool for your next project, you should understand how to properly care for this tool. This simple tool has a non-slip rubber handle for easy gripping and a telescopic design for better visibility. This magnet stick features a maximum suction strength of 8 pounds. It also includes a LED light and a magnetic base for hands-free lighting.

Its strong magnet is designed to pull ferrous materials from difficult to reach areas. Its powerful Neodymium rare-earth magnet is six times stronger than cobalt magnets, so it will give you a smooth surface pull capacity. Its stainless steel telescope can be extended to 27 inches and collapses down to six-1/2 inches for compact storage. The double ball joint neck will allow you to adjust the pole to different angles to reach obstructed areas.


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