4 Set Red Corundum Sanding Tool Wood Carving Wire Brush

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4 Set Red Corundum Sanding Tool Wood Carving Wire Brush

4 Set Red corundum Sanding Tool Wood Carving Wire Brush

Whether you're working on woodcarving projects or polishing metals, you can use this wire brush for a variety of applications. It's also perfect for DIY jade and cleaning up gaps in grooves. The 4 Set Red corundum Sanding Tool is perfect for every sander's arsenal. Read on to learn more. This versatile tool can even work on marble.

Red corundum

A red corundum sanding tool is a perfect choice for finishing projects. Unlike steel wire brushes, corundum is less aggressive than steel. The color of corundum is also helpful in identifying its grade. It can be used to make fine lines when texturing. However, most sanding tools are used for shaping and finishing. Smaller drums are perfect for blending contours and ruby carver bands work well on small sanding drums. Larger drums come with 1/4" shanks and feature corundum heads.

Ceramic alumina

There are several advantages to using a ceramic alumina 4 set wood carving wire brush. Its long-lasting synthetic grain is a much cooler material to sand with than aluminum oxide, and it lasts much longer. This material also works best on metal, but it can be difficult to use on wood. It requires a very hard surface to activate its friability, so it ploughs through the wood unevenly. The result is a less-than-perfect finish and an uneven scratch pattern.

White aluminum oxide

Aluminum oxide sanding tools come in two common varieties: fine and coarse. These sandpapers are available in many different formats and backings. While white aluminum oxide produces less heat, it works best on wood and lacquers. They are also great for use between coats of finish. You can also purchase a set that combines both types of sandpaper.

Contoured sanding grips

Contoured sanding grips for a red corundum carving wire brush are great for sanding in tight corners or curved areas. This sanding block is also great for sanding beads, round over edges, and sharp angles in metal. The grips can be used dry or wet and are available in three grits: fine, coarse, and extra-fine.

Tip for sanding wood carvings

These four-set sanding tools feature a combination of corundum and nylon bristles. Unlike traditional corundum, nylon is extremely durable and has excellent wear resistance. They are great for both wet and dry sanding and work well with power tools up to 4500 rpm. Listed below are several features of each set. You can use one or all of the four sets to achieve the desired finish on your carving.


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