50 Pcs Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips

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50 Pcs Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips

50 Pcs Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips

These 50 Pcs Self Adhesive, Premium Cable Management Clips are a great way to manage your cables. They are made of environmentally friendly premium PA66 material and feature strong double-sided adhesive tape. They support cables up to 8mm/0.3" in diameter. These self adhesive clips work best when placed on a flat surface.

Sayoneyes 3m cable ties

Sayoneyes self adhesive cable management clips for three-meter cable ties offer a simple and convenient solution to cable management. They feature a wide range of mounting options that include the base holders for 140 adjustable cable ties, the RA and RB series cable tie adhesive mounts, and multi-purpose tie wire clips. The base holders can be installed without tools and can be used as guide bundles for cables, wires, or power cables.

The cable holder is made from nylon and features a self adhesive pad that holds cables tightly and easily. These cable management clips come in a variety of sizes and come with 100 nylon cable ties. The cable ties are reusable. These cable ties are great for holiday decorations and festival lights.

Another cable tie mount is the FlexTack self adhesive cable tie mount. These cable tie mounts are easy to install with a single hand movement. They adhere to a variety of surfaces. Because of their self-adhesive adhesive, they can be installed even on low-energy surfaces. Simply peel off the protective backing and press down for a few seconds to adhere to the surface.

AGPTEK Brilliant and strongly adhesive Cable Management Clips

AGPTEK's Brilliant and strongly adhesive Cable Management Clips are the perfect solution for tying up cables. The clips feature a unique half-moon shaped "grip" that can keep cables as thick as 0.27 inches in place. They also feature a flat base with a strong adhesive that sticks to a smooth surface. These clips are easy to apply and blend into most decors.

This cable clip system is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It holds most kinds of cables up to 0.31 inches in diameter, from USB cables to string lights. The high-quality acrylic adhesive pad will withstand wear and tear and can easily be removed. They also have a minimalist design that makes them blend in with the decor of the home or office.


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