5Ft Colorful LED Willow Tree Lights - Color Changing Lighted Artificial Weep

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5Ft Colorful LED Willow Tree Lights - Color Changing Lighted Artificial Weep

5Ft Colorful LED Willow Tree Lights Color Changing Lighted Artificial Weep

We've all heard about a Colorful LED Weeping Willow Tree before, but how much do you really know about them? This 5-foot Colorful LED Willow Tree Lights is a unique color changing Christmas artificial weep tree that can be used indoors or out. The best part about this multicolored, remote controlled tree is that it's battery operated!

Colorful LED Willow Tree Lights

Outdoor Colorful LED Willow Tree Lights are available in 16 solid colors and 8 combination colors. They are available in purple or orange for Halloween tree light decoration. These lights are easy to control and come with a remote control that can switch the light modes and choose different colors. Whether you are looking for a simple decoration for your home or a sophisticated event, this tree will bring you the look you want.

These Colorful LED willow tree lights are easy to use and can be easily installed. This multicolored artificial weep is composed of 240 copper wire LED lights. It is also energy efficient and requires low power consumption. It is also easy to assemble and has four ground plugs. It can be used as an indoor/outdoor decoration for parties, weddings, porches, and holiday celebrations.

Remote control

This remote control will give you the freedom to change the color, speed, and mode of the lights. It features 32 keys, and the remote has both timers and color change modes. The tree comes with a battery box, and you can plug it into your device with a 2M USB cable. You can also use the remote to control your bedroom's lights, as it has an on/off switch.

The remote is a convenient way to change the colors on this LED willow tree. It has 16 individual colors and two color-changing modes. It can change colors according to the holiday. The remote control can also be used to change its mode of operation. The remote can be controlled from anywhere, and the lights are automatically turned on and off by their remote controls.

WHITE Willow Tree Lights

This 5ft colored willow tree is adorned with 240 multicolor RGB cooper wire LEDs. The bulbs change colors with the touch of a remote control, so you can switch it to the colors of your choice for the holiday. The battery-operated tree is also easy to use and comes with a timer for energy savings. With a remote control, you can set the color of the lights to suit the occasion or set it to auto-off.

This LED light-up weep tree has a timer and 32 keys remote controller for easy operation. It has a battery-operated option with a convenient ON/OFF switch. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be placed on a balcony, patio, or porch. Using it in your outdoor or indoor decoration will add a unique touch to your home's decor.



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