77-Pockets Tool Backpack for Men

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77-Pockets Tool Backpack for Men

77Pockets Tool backpack Tool backpack for men HVAC tool bag backpack

Whether you're in the HVAC trade or not, a 77-Pockets Toolback for men can help you stay organized and in control of your tools. This tool backpack has 68 different compartments for storing your tools, a rugged padded base, and features such as quick-access driver sleeves and an orange interior to keep everything easy to find.


This Stay-Organized 77-Pouch HVAC tool backpack has a large central open compartment and fourteen exterior pockets, providing ample room for organizing your tools. Although other tool bags may be slightly larger, they may have a lot of unnecessary features and could cost more. A heavy-duty, 600D polyester material is used for this backpack, and it features reinforced zippers and pockets. It also features a durable Duravax fabric base to prevent it from scuffing or scraping.

68 different ways to put your tools inside the bag

The OCEANSTAR 77-Pockets HVAC Tool Backpack is an exceptionally versatile tool backpack. It has two large compartments on either side, each with ample room to organize tools and supplies. Each tool compartment has an indicator to indicate which tool is located in which compartment. The tool backpack is also equipped with a front pouch where you can keep frequently used items.

Rugged & Padded Base

The Rugged & Padded Base 77 Pockets HVAC Tool Backpack is a tough, durable bag with plenty of internal and external pockets. The main compartments are spread between two large, wide pockets, with one positioned right in the middle. The pouches on either side are convenient for holding shorter tools and are secured by chest straps. The bag also features extra padding for comfort and back support.

Orange Interior & Quick-Access Driver Sleeves

This electrician tool backpack for men features rugged feet for increased durability and protection against snow and water. Its padded base and hardback frame are sturdy, and the orange interior maximizes visibility for tools. It is constructed of ballistic 1680D fabric and is equipped with heavy-duty Gun-Metal hardware for durability and long-lasting performance. It includes a charger and is ideal for electricians working on the road or in extreme conditions.

Value for money

The Value for money 77-Pocketed HVAC tool backpack offers a large number of compartments for organizing your tools and electronics. It has 23 pockets inside and 3 on the outside. The bag also has a zippered compartment in the back and two front pockets. Its reinforced mesh handle and four non-slip rubber feet make it easy to carry while doing your work.


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