8 Sets Leg Mounting Plates With Hanger Bolts Screws Furniture Repair Leg

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8 Sets Leg Mounting Plates With Hanger Bolts Screws Furniture Repair Leg

8 Sets Leg Mounting Plates with Hanger Bolts Screws Furniture Repair Leg

These mounting plates are great for fixing damaged legs on furniture. Depending on the type of furniture, these plates fit many types. They can be used to repair damaged or new furniture. They feature a ball-shaped stem and 0.31 inch x 1.5-inch (8mm x 38mm) dimensions. Please note that these mounting plates do not fit 3/8" socket holes. Before returning, please contact us before returning any item.


The simplest way to install a hanger bolt is to drill a pilot hole, using a drill bit with a diameter the same as the hanger bolt's diameter. Then, use a socket wrench to screw two nuts the same size into the hanger bolt. This will leave enough space for the hanger bolt threads to be visible.

These hardware pieces are used to reattach or refinish furniture legs. A typical hardware bolt consists of two parts: a pointy end and a flat plate. The pointy end fits into the mounting plate, while the flat end screws into the underside of the tabletop or cabinet. The bolt is available in different diameters and lengths. Make sure to use the proper screwdriver when installing these products.

T-Plates are also a great way to attach a hanger bolt to furniture. They measure 2 by 2 inches and feature four unthreaded 5mm holes. They are ideal for fixing a broken sofa couch seat. Using these T-Plates can save you a lot of money in the long run. The best part is that they come with matching brackets for easy placement.


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