8inch Numbered Floor Spot Markers

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8inch Numbered Floor Spot Markers

8inch Numbered Floor Spot Markers

With eight inch number spot markers, you'll have no trouble dividing your class into groups to play number games or stories. Their adhesive will stay firmly in place, and they won't slide around. Made from TPE, the numbers are soft and durable to use indoors and out. So, you can be sure that your children won't trip over them! Here are some of the best uses for number spot markers.

Eco Walker

These non-slip, 8inch diameter, 2.5mm thick floor spot markers are perfect for sports training. Made of flexible TPE material, they stick to the court like glue. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making them ideal for any sport or athlete. They can be used for many sports training purposes, from soccer to basketball. They are easy to clean and can last for years if kept properly stored.

Carson Dellosa

Whether you want to mark the floor with numbers or write in a new alphabet, the 8inch numbered floor spot markers from Carson Dellosa will help you stay on track. With a variety of colors and sizes, the floor spot markers come in a range of fun designs to match your classroom. Each one contains a unique set of numbers for a new challenge every time.


Yukids 8inch Numbered Floor Spot Marker is a durable tool that helps children and teachers map training areas and exercise drills. Its bright colors enhance visual acuity. The versatile tool is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and comes in a handy carrier bag. The floor spot markers come in different colors to suit different surfaces. It is also great for sports training.

Carson Dellosa Cut-Outs

These charming cutouts will add style and color to any classroom, display, door, or party. They can also be used as cards, invitations, flash cards, and game pieces. Plus, they can even be used as decorations or props for pictures. Perfect for any learning environment, Carson Dellosa cutouts are sure to please everyone. Whether you are looking for a fun and colorful decoration for your classroom or party, Carson Dellosa cutouts are the perfect solution.

EZ Stick decals

EZ Stick Floor Spot Markers are a great way to help children in the classroom or playground with counting. They come in six fun colors and include 36 numbers from one to thirty-two and labels for the Line Leader, Door Holder, and Caboose. They are easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue behind. The textured backing makes them perfect for classrooms and athletic training.

YUKIDS Poly Spot Marker

The YUKIDS Poly Spot Markers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They are made of durable poly-vinyl that does not slide on any surface. This makes them safe to use on concrete, hardwood, or natural grass. The bright color ensures visibility. These are the perfect tools for sports training, gym class, or circle time. They also make great gifts for children and are priced well for the price.

Non-slip vinyl

Floor spot markers have a large diameter and are designed to stay in place, whether you're playing a sport or directing students to their seats. These versatile floor spot markers come in five bright colors to distinguish stations, and they're easy to wipe clean. They're also durable and rip-resistant, which makes them ideal for a variety of uses. They're ideal for a variety of physical education classes and sports practices, and their color options ensure that they'll be visible during the games.


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