9pcs Titanium-Plated HSS Spiral Flute Metric Machine Tapping Set

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9pcs Titanium-Plated HSS Spiral Flute Metric Machine Tapping Set

The 9pcs Titanium-Plates High-Speed Steel Spiral Flute Metric Machine Tapping Set includes 10 sizes of spiral flutes. These tools have a hard high-speed steel core for general purpose applications. Titanium coating enhances wear resistance and fusion resistance for long-term service. Micro-taps are suitable for clocks and other soft metal hole processing. The set comes with a number of sizes to fit any size need. The machine hand taps are easy to use and offer a smooth experience. The standard metric thread design eliminates chips and burrs.

High Speed Steel 6542 Metric Tap

High-speed steel tools are designed for general-purpose drilling, tapping, and screwing applications. Titanium coating improves wear resistance, fusion resistance, and service life. Titanium-plated taps are particularly suitable for machining aluminum and bronze. High-speed steel taps are very durable and wear-resistant, and are available in a variety of sizes.

Spiral Flute Tap

The 9pcs Titanium-Plates HSS Spiral Flute Tap Set is ideal for drilling, tapping, and threading through standard-sized holes. These taps have spiral flutes that efficiently evacuate chip debris from the cut. The titanium-plated finish adds an extra layer of ceramic to the tool's surface for faster cutting speeds than uncoated tools. This tap set is ideal for drilling and threading through holes in hard metals and plastics. Featuring a streamlined design and titanium-plated high-speed steel 6542, these taps have a long service life.

Combination Drill Tap

High-speed steel (HSS) spiral flute taps are very durable and corrosion-resistant. This set of 9 taps comes with different sizes, ranging from M2 to M12. Its spiral flute technology ensures quick chip removal and effective threading. Its hex shank allows quick change and back taper prevents overdrilling.

Metric Combination Drill Tap

A high quality 9pcs Titanium-PlatehSS Spiral Flute Tap Set is ideal for a variety of drilling applications. These taps are made of HSS 4341 and feature a titanium coating to extend service life. The spiral flute design helps evacuate chips from the cut and increases threading efficiency. The set includes SAE and metric taps for added versatility. Each tool includes a 1/4-inch (6.35mm) quick change hex shank with a back taper for safety and avoid overdrilling.

Titanium Combination Drill Tap

High-speed steel (HSS) taps are durable and corrosion-resistant, but they aren't just good for cutting threads. Titanium coating extends tool life and increases cutting efficiency. These high-speed taps come in nine sizes, from M2-M12, and feature spiral flutes to efficiently process various threads.

High Speed Steel 4341 Combination Drill Tap

HSS 4341 Combination Drill Tap Bit Set is a great choice for a variety of applications. This set of 6 pieces is designed to handle drilling, tapping, and deburring tasks. Its wide spiral flute helps to prevent chip crowding. These tools are available in multiple sizes and are available with a Titanium coating for added durability. They have imperial sizes engraved on them. You can easily adjust the depth of the drills to suit your needs.


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