A Wooden Puzzle Is a Great Educational Toy For Kids

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A Wooden Puzzle Is a Great Educational Toy For Kids

Among the many educational toys available for kids, a Wooden Puzzle is one of the best options. Its multitasking design allows your child to learn through playing and scanning the puzzle pieces. The Learning Concept Materials range of wooden puzzles and educational toys will help your child unlock the magic of early learning. The learning process starts early, when your child is only a few months old. And once they are old enough, they will continue playing with the puzzles for years to come.

Nesta Toys Animal Puzzle

The Nesta Toys Animal Puzzle is a puzzle playset that allows kids to learn through play. Children can develop motor skills and cognitive abilities, and use their imaginations to create their own animal characters. It features bright colors and adorable animal shapes that encourage imaginative play. Children can use the blocks as stacking toys and can practice the alphabet. Wooden puzzles also help build concentration and problem-solving skills.


Aside from educational toys, ImagiPLAY sells toys made from sustainable wood. The company's wooden sets promote motor skills, verbalization, and exploration of animal habitats. The chunky pieces are fun to hold and come with fun scenarios to play out. The puzzles also promote problem-solving and development of logic. Your little one can learn the alphabet, numbers, and the alphabet's sounds with these puzzles.

Counting Penguins

This engaging math activity for kids integrates hands-on fun with math skills. Each of the ten penguins is an individual counter that connects to another, and the wooden pieces form a circular pattern from one to ten. The set also includes an activity guide and 100 wooden penguin counters in ten different colors. Counting Penguins is suitable for children from three years and up.

Counting Snail

The Counting Snail is a wood puzzle that introduces children to numbers and colors. The chunky, colorful pieces of the puzzle encourage creative play while developing fine motor skills. The toy's natural rubber wood and non-toxic paints are also safe for little hands. It is a great way to help kids learn how to recognize colors, problem-solve, and identify different patterns.

Counting Tree

Counting Trees can be a great educational tool, as well as a fun toy. Whether your child is a toddler or a preschooler, this toy will provide hours of fun. The ten different tree stumps are numbered and come with a central wooden rod that helps your child count and sort. It's great for indoor play or outdoor challenges, and it's a great way to reinforce math, number recognition, and logic skills in a fun way.


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