Acejoz 656FT Clear Invisible Fishing Wire

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Acejoz 656FT Clear Invisible Fishing Wire

Clear Fishing Wire Acejoz 656FT Fishing Line Clear Invisible Hanging Wire

The clear fishing wire has no elasticity unlike nylon line. It is also made from polyethylene (PE), which is not a good option for fishing because it loses its elasticity in water. It also is less expensive than other materials, such as nylon and jute. Buying this product from Lazada should be an easy process because it is available in different colors, sizes, and prices.

Nylon fishing line has no elasticity

The main difference between fluorocarbon monofilament and nylon fishing line is that fluorocarbon is more expensive to produce and use as a main line. Nylon, on the other hand, is elastic and returns to its pre-load length after stretching. In contrast, fluorocarbon permanently deforms after heavy load, retaining only about 5 percent of its original stretch. This deformation greatly reduces its tensile strength, which means that you'll have to respool your line more often than nylon.

In addition to being cheaper, nylon has better shock absorbing properties than fluorocarbon. It is relatively easy to connect, is transparent, and is therefore less visible in the water. Its low memory reduces the possibility of bite detection at the tip of the rod. This makes it a better choice for fishing applications. However, the disadvantage of nylon fishing line is that it has a short shelf life if exposed to sunlight.

While nylon has many advantages, it is also important to consider how much elasticity is needed in your fishing line. Nylon fishing line has little to no elasticity. Compared to fluorocarbon, a braid line is better for fishing because it has more memory. Monofilament is a cheap and reliable option for angling. It casts smoothly and holds knots better than most other types of line. It is also recyclable.


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