Acorn Sorting Set With Cup and Scoop Montessori Toy

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Acorn Sorting Set With Cup and Scoop Montessori Toy

Acorn Sorting Set with Scoop Montessori Toy Rainbow colors

There are many benefits to choosing a Montessori Toy that is based on the Classic Acorn Sorting Set. Wooden acorns with the six colors of the rainbow are a wonderful way to build color recognition and fine motor skills. This busy bag accessory is perfect for your child's busy bag, and comes complete with colorful bowls. Young children can sort the acorns into the appropriate bowls using the scoop. The wooden acorns are available in red, green, blue, and orange.

Rainbow colors

The elm + otter Acorn Sorting Set features modernized colours that reinforce knowledge of colours, counting and fine motor skills. The wood bowls with 18 acorns are one-third of an inch in diameter and feature a beeswax finish. It's great for encouraging creativity and imagination, and it reinforces counting and matching skills. The wooden bowls are also a great choice for toddlers as they allow for hours of pretend play.

Acorn Sorting Set with Scoop includes a grapat bowl, wooden acorns, and tongs. The woods are non-toxic and safe for little fingers. Acorns come in red, orange, green, and blue, which can stimulate children's creativity and motor skills. These wooden toys come in a muslin drawstring bag and are made of natural materials such as birch.

Classic Montessori game

This Montessori inspired wooden set contains 8 pieces of each colour. The wooden set encourages colour recognition and sorting skills as well as fine motor development. Made from plantation timber with food-grade paint, it is both child-safe and attractive. Its handmade nature means that there will be some variation from the picture shown on the box. We recommend you supervise your child when playing with this toy, as small parts can cause choking hazards.

The Acorn Sorting Set with Scoop offers a modern twist on an old-school Montessori toy. Children will practice counting, identifying colours, and fine motor skills as they sort the acorns. In addition, it serves as an open-ended toy for pretend play. The set comes with 6 wooden bowls, each containing 18 acorns. The bowls are painted with natural beeswax to ensure durability.

Modern twist

This Modern twist on Acorn Sorting Set with Cup and Scoop Montessori Toy features 6 rainbow colored wooden acorns for your child to sort into different bowls. They are a great way to reinforce colour recognition and fine motor skills while engaging in imaginative play. The acorns are each about 1 3/8" tall and contain 18 different colours. They are sealed with mineral oil and beeswax for durability and easy clean up.

The Modern twist on Acorn Sorting Set with a Scoop features six to twelve pieces and is made from lime wood stained with water-based paint. The company behind the product is inspired by the Steiner/Waldorf learning philosophy and understands that children need open-ended play and toys to cultivate their imagination. This set has 6 to 12 pieces that can be stacked and allows children to develop their creativity over the course of their childhood.

Family run business

Acorn Sorting Set with Scoop is a classic Montessori activity that encourages fine motor skills and early learning. It comes with six wooden acorns in the rainbow colors of red, orange, green and blue. The wooden acorns are painted with non-toxic paint and sealed with organic beeswax and jojoba oil. Safe for little fingers and mouths, these toys come in a drawstring bag.

Acorns are 1 3/8" tall and made of birch. They contain small pieces and should not be left unattended by a young child. They also do not recommend using them with children under three. Parents should supervise their child's playtime while playing with this toy. This family-run business makes Acorn Sorting Set with Scoop Montessori Toy Rainbow colors


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