Active Toy For Babies and Toddlers 9 Months and Up With 4 Balls

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Active Toy For Babies and Toddlers 9 Months and Up With 4 Balls

Active Toy for Babies and Toddlers 9 Months and Up with 4 Balls

This Active Toy for Babies and Toddler's 9 Months and Up with 4 Ball Set helps develop your child's gross motor skills and encourages social interaction. The toys come in different colors and are easy to carry and store in your diaper bag. The shapes of the balls are related to common objects and you can direct your baby to the right one to make it interactive.

Push-pull toys encourage gross motor development

Push-pull toys are perfect for promoting gross motor development and hand-eye coordination. These toys also promote problem-solving skills. Balls and push-pull toys promote gross motor development and encourage social interaction. Some push-pull toys include built-in activities for toddlers. Other types of toys include puzzles, pop-ups, and "busy" boxes with buttons and knobs.

Help with balance

This active toy for babies and toddlers 9 months and older helps with balance and coordination. Its shape sorter encourages baby to grasp objects and develop motor skills. Its walk-and-carry features allow baby to practice grasping objects while balancing on one arm. It also promotes fine motor skills and helps develop executive functioning skills.

Encourage social interaction

This interactive toy for babies and toddlers introduces cause and effect, helping to strengthen motor skills. It also encourages social interaction by allowing toddlers to manipulate an object, such as a ball, instead of controlling it. Babies also enjoy rolling around and learning about their surroundings. In addition, this toy encourages balancing and practicing transferring objects.

Encourages learning about cause and effect

If you're looking for a fun activity that will increase your students' awareness of cause and effect in sentences, consider using a nursery rhyme to introduce this concept. Little Miss Muffet explains how the events of World War II impacted life in America, and the actions of one character have consequences on other characters. This rhyme also provides an excellent opportunity for students to practice the power of transition words. You can also adapt the activity to longer extracts to help your students understand cause and effect better.


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