Aluminum Table Base Black Suitable For Restaurants and Pubs

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Aluminum Table Base Black Suitable For Restaurants and Pubs

Aluminum Table Base Black Suitable for Restaurants Bars

Whether you're looking for a table base for your restaurant or bar, you've come to the right place. We've got the information you need on the Thonet Classic Table Base, Margot Table Base, and Drizzle Metal Table Base. Read on to find out more! After all, table bases play an important role in a restaurant's appearance, and they should be durable and attractive!

Thonet Classic Table Base

The double Margot table base supports a rectangular tabletop without compromising foot space. Its timeless design blends in perfectly with any casual or restaurant setting. The weatherproof finish keeps it from rusting, and daily cleaning is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth. It can withstand constant use and still look like new. The table's double Margot table base can support up to seventy-five-pound tabletops.

A thick steel column, made in North America, supports heavy table tops. The Thonet Classic Aluminum Table Base Black is suitable for bars and restaurants and comes with a 30" x 30" floor plate. Its cast iron mounting plate includes eight screw holes. Thonet Classic Table Base is one of the sturdiest products available. Adjustable glides allow the tabletop to be moved easily.

Margot Table Base

The Designer Series Margot cast iron table base combines vintage charm with a contemporary style. The stylish table base can be used in restaurants or bars of all sizes, and the versatile design blends in with most decor styles. Available in three-prong, four-prong, and double bases, the Margot is strong and sturdy and can accommodate different table top sizes. For a complete look, pair it with the coordinating table top. Each base comes with hardware for assembly.

The Margot table base comes in a range of colours and finishes. Choose from a matte black or shiny chrome finish for indoor or outdoor use. The base is 76mm high and comes with adjustable glides for extra convenience. Moreover, it is available in standard indoor and outdoor colours and can accommodate a variety of tabletops. All Margot table bases are made in the European Community and can be easily assembled by a professional.

Drizzle Table Base

A Drizzle Table Base for Restaurants and Pubs is a fun and durable way to add a whimsical touch to your establishment. These bases are available in many different colors and can be custom-finished with different types of paint. Although most table bases are metal, you can paint the base using a metal paint, if desired. Common table base finishes include chrome, black, and brushed steel. You can also request a custom-finished table base - choose from a variety of colors and materials, including white, brass, champagne, stainless steel, and wood-metal combination.

Choosing a table base for your establishment should start with assessing the load capacity of your establishment. While most tables use standard table bases, some will be bolted to the floor. If you plan to use casters or wheels, make sure the table base has a leveling mechanism that allows it to be adjusted. These table bases can also support heavier tables, so they may require extra levelers or other support.


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