Angroc Solar Powered Watering Can With Lights Star Light LE

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Angroc Solar Powered Watering Can With Lights Star Light LED

Garden Shower Light Solar Powered Watering Can With Lights Star Light LED

An after-dark garden is a delightful place to enjoy the outdoors, especially with this battery-operated twinkle-shower. This unique and elegant outdoor lighting option features a six-hour on/eight-hour off cycle to delight your senses in any season. Warm white microdot LEDs strung on a fine copper wire move with the slightest breeze, creating a charming effect.

Angroc Led Garden Watering Can Light

Angroc Led Garden Shower Watering Can has an advanced solar panel with a built-in light sensor. The solar panel absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical power. This garden watering can is switched on at night and off during the day, so that you can enjoy the bright illumination of your outdoor space at night and in the day. This solar-powered garden watering can will work for 8-10 hours on a single charge, and will last up to eight to ten hours in a row.

Angroc Led Garden Shower Watering Can With Lighting Features A solar watering can with lights emits warm yellow lights that look like a string of stars. When in use, these lights project beautiful patterns onto the ground and give off a romantic ambiance. Besides being a great choice for the garden, they are also a great decoration for a party or bedroom. The lights are water-proof and do not generate heat.

Angroc Led Solar Powered Watering Can Light

The Angroc Led Solar Powered Garden Watering Can Light features a high-efficiency solar panel and a built-in light sensor. It converts solar energy into electrical power and automatically turns on at night. It is designed to work eight to ten hours on a single charge. The light will remain on for up to eight hours before it needs to be recharged.

This product features six flashing led string lights and thirty-six warm white LEDs. It also has a 35-inch shepherd's hook. It also features a full kettle lamp installed. The product is easy to assemble and requires no wiring. It can be switched on and off by pressing the solar panel button. A solar panel with an on/off switch makes it easy to use.

A solar watering can with lights is not only functional, but can add aesthetic value to your yard. Its warm yellow lights resemble a string of stars, and they project beautiful patterns onto the ground. A romantic atmosphere is created when these watering can lights are placed outdoors. The warm yellow lights are also very attractive and make for beautiful nighttime decor. If the weather is an issue, you may want to use an outdoor version.


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