ApowKing HP500 Solar Generator Backup Power Supply Review

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ApowKing HP500 Solar Generator Backup Power Supply Review

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If you are a power conscious person, it is recommended that you invest in a reliable battery backup power supply. There are several good portable solar power generators available in the market. In this article, we will compare the features of the two leading brands: ApowKing and Huajiang Tech. We will also review the benefits of using a solar power portable generator. After all, this product will provide backup power in case of a blackout or a power failure.


The ApowKing HP500 portable solar generator is a great choice for those who are constantly on the go. This unit comes with multiple outputs for multiple uses, including two pure sine wave AC outputs, four QC USB outputs, and one DC vehicle output. It is compatible with multiple input voltages, and it has a built-in cooling fan that shuts down when the working temperature rises. It can be used for home, camping, and traveling, as well as for festival led lights. And the battery life is unaffected by input voltage.

This portable power station is designed to provide steady power supplies to a variety of AC DC devices. The ApowKing portable power station has a capacity of under 500 watts and 296 watt-hours. It also has an integrated LED flashlight and light-strobe-SOS modes, so it can be used for a wide variety of emergency uses.

ApowKing battery backup power supply

The ApowKing battery backup power supply is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Its lightweight, rugged design and built-in handle make it easy to carry. Its 500W output power is enough to power several devices, including a light, fan, projector, small blender, and switch. It also has a built-in solar plug outlet, so it can power a home security system.

ApowKing solar power portable generator

The ApowKing solar power portable generator features a multi-output control panel with a household outlet, three USB ports, and a DC vehicle output port. The generator also features a built-in lithium-ion battery pack and can handle voltages of 13-23V. It also features a built-in flashlight with strobe, SOS, and tri-mode operation. When properly used, this solar power generator will be a great addition to any camping trip, car trip, or festival.

The ApowKing solar power portable generator is lightweight, with a solid handle that makes it easy to carry. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and is portable enough to fit in the trunk of a minivan. Added features include an LED flashlight and a built-in flashlight with light-strobe and SOS modes. This portable solar power generator is a convenient tool to have when camping, hiking, or even on the go.


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