Aquarium Accessories - Turtle Tank Filter

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Aquarium Accessories - Turtle Tank Filter

A good quality turtle tank filter will help your turtles stay clean. This product is inexpensive and easy to install, and is geared toward turtles. This filter has a submerged motor to keep the appearance clean and to allow quick installation. There is an instructional booklet included that will guide you through the steps of installation. The unit will also polish the water for turtles, which can be difficult for some filters.

XEOGUIYA Turtle Filter

This turtle filter is small, quiet, and ideal for small turtle tanks. It can handle up to 50 gallons of water per hour, so it's perfect for one or two turtles. It doesn't provide any biological filtration, but does remove solid waste and keeps turtle water cleaner. Nevertheless, you'll still need to replace water frequently. The filter is not meant for large aquariums; you'll need two or three filters for a moderate sized turtle.

JackSuper Aquarium Turtle FIlter

When choosing a filter for your aquarium, the first thing to consider is the type of filtration. A mechanical filter will make the water look cleaner, but it won't maintain the water's chemistry. For example, a turtle's pee releases ammonia into the water, which a mesh filter will not remove. Biological filtration, on the other hand, uses a substrate media to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria that break down ammonia into nitrate, which is easily taken up by plants.

Tetra Decorative ReptoFilter

This turtle-friendly filtration system is ideal for a wide range of aquariums, including small fish tanks. Its large water capacity allows it to filter up to 20 gallons of water. This tank is equipped with a three-stage water filtration system. It also features a waterfall, which will help keep the tank clean and fresh.

Zoo Med

A quality filter system can make a world of difference in your turtle tank. The Zoo Med Turtle Tank Bio Filtration System is a quick and easy-to-install filter that features a dual-sided bio filter sponge and an adjustable return flow rate. It's silent, low-powered, and has a flow rate of 80 gallons per hour. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Fluval FX High-Performance Canister Filter

The Fluval FX High-Performance canister filter for small fish tanks is a perfect addition to a fish tank. Its design makes it easy to fit under the aquarium stand and is suitable for any type of aquarium. The filter is 21" tall and is easy to maneuver. It comes with a spray bar kit to help with water distribution. The spray bar kit also helps increase overall water quality, filtration performance, and fish health.

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter

A good external canister filter for small fish tanks should be able to remove large amounts of waste while retaining very small particles. The Encompass all premium media will trap exceptionally small particles. It will also produce a polishing effect on the water. This filter will be very attractive in your aquarium and is easy to install. But be careful to follow the instructions carefully to get the most out of your biofiltration system.


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