Automatic Cat Feeder 6L Pet Food Dispenser For Cats And Dogs

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Automatic Cat Feeder 6L Pet Food Dispenser For Cats And Dogs

This Automatic Cat Feeder can automatically dispense your pets with 6 liters of food per day. You can set it to dispense food for your pets even if you are not at home. This device can be set to play an audio alarm to alert you to feed your pet. In case of a power outage, this automatic pet feeder can function without any interruption.

The automatic pet feeder also comes with a built-in speaker and voice recorder. You can record a voice message and have it play at a specified time. You can also record a custom message for your pets. They'll feel more secure when the automatic pet feeder calls them. A pre-meal message can even be recorded on the panel. You can also choose to pause the voice if you wish.

With an LCD screen, you can set up the amount of food to be dispensed to your pets. You can program one to 39 meals a day for your pets. The size of each portion wheel insert varies. The smaller wheel dispenses two size-five meals per day while the larger one dispenses four size-five meals a day. The feed dispenser supports a four-speed adjustment angle, so you can easily adjust the number of meals your pet will have each day.

One feature of this automatic cat feeder that is worth mentioning is its in-built scales. You can also set the portion size with an app on your smartphone. The LEDs guide your pet to the right portion size within a gram. This makes the Automatic Cat Feeder an excellent choice for a pet owner with a busy schedule. If you're away from home, you can set the size of the meal to suit your cat's requirements.

The Automatic cat feeder can schedule six meals per day and has 10 different portion sizes for your pet. It also has a voice recording so your pet can hear you before the food is released. This will keep your pet calm and happy, and you'll have the added benefit of having more time to spend with your family. The Automatic Cat Feeder can be programmed to distribute food several times a day and can be used by both cats and dogs.

This automatic cat feeder can feed up to two cats at once. With its easy-to-clean features and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi technology, the Automatic Cat Feeder can help your pet stay healthy. It can help your overweight pet maintain its ideal weight. Even if you're out for the day, it's easy to fill the cat's bowl with dry food and set the alarm for the proper time.

The Smart automatic cat feeder has a camera and 1080p HD video recording capabilities. It can also be set to stream video footage to your phone. A good auto cat feeder should also include night vision, so you can feed your pet even in the dark. The feeder allows you to schedule the feeding time. It has 10 different portion sizes. This is not a bad number, but 10g apart is not enough to offer accurate portion control.

The Automatic Cat Feeder 6L Pet Food Disposer for Your Cats And Dogs comes with a removable hygienic feeding tray. It is large enough to store 20 cups of food and can be refilled and cleaned when needed. It can be programmed for different animals, so you can choose what size your pet needs to eat. This automatic cat feeder can also be programmed for different meals, making feeding time convenient for your pet.

Despite its high price tag, this automatic cat feeder is a fantastic investment. Not only does it provide a convenient mealtime for your pet, but it also includes a convenient timer so you know when to feed your cat. It also comes with a moisture-proof desiccant box inside the lid. The bowl is made of BPA-free plastics and a sturdy chew-resistant power cord.

The automatic cat feeder has a transparent container that makes it easy for you to see when the food level is low. LED lights are present in the food container so you can easily monitor the amount of food your cat is eating. The infrared sensor prevents overfilling the bowl. You can also easily monitor the level of food in your cat's bowl by checking the LED lights.


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