Best Pet Brushes For Indoor Cats and Dogs

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Best Pet Brushes For Indoor Cats and Dogs

Pet Brushes for Indoor Cats Dog Brush

While buying a new pet brush for your indoor cat or dog, you should consider a few tips and guidelines to help you choose the best one for your needs. First, choose the type of fur that you will be brushing. A slicker brush should be used on the tips of the pet's fur, and then slowly work its way down the body. You should not press too hard, and you should go slow and work your way through mats. Some mats are particularly difficult to brush out, so you may need to use a comb in addition to a brush.

Hertzko Brush

The Hertzko Brush for indoor cats and small dogs has fine bent wire bristles that gently groom undercoats without aggravating your pet's skin. Another perk of the brush is that it retracts after use, allowing you to dump the hair into the trash. This makes for a more effective brushing experience, and many owners have reported positive results with this brush. It is available in a variety of sizes, and is easy to wash.


The KONG ZoomGroom for Cats is designed to massage your cat's skin while grooming their coat. It also features magnets that attract loose hair and collect it into the brush. Regular grooming will condition your cat's skin, reduce the formation of hairballs, and calm stressed cats. If your cat is experiencing a stressful situation, you should use this brush to calm them down. The KONG ZoomGroom for Cats is perfect for both cats and dogs.

Four Paws Love Glove Grooming Mitt

The Four Paws Love Glove Grooming mitt is an excellent way to clean your indoor cat or dog's coat and remove loose hair. The mitt is made from neoprene material and features soft rubber nubs and an adjustable closer. It is also great for removing loose cat hair from furniture and clothing. You can even get a matching mitt for your dog to use as well.

Four Paws Magic Coat Mat & Tangle Remover

Using a comb or brush to remove mats from your cat's coat can be challenging, especially if your pet is older and not able to groom its coat as effectively. While many cat brushes are designed to brush the entire coat, you may have to pull or tug the hair to get it out. This tool has longer, V-shaped bristles that will easily remove mats.

Frisco Cat & Dog Pin Bristle Brush

The Frisco Cat & Dog Pin Bristles brush is a great all-around grooming tool for cats. It comes with two brushes-a pin bristle brush and a bristle brush. The pin bristles side is great for fluffing the hair, removing tangles, and dispersing natural oils. The bristles side is a bit more coarse, but is perfect for most types of hair.


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