Beveled Galvanized Chain Link Fence Tension Band

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Beveled Galvanized Chain Link Fence Tension Band

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Tension Band 238

If you're looking for a steel band brace to secure chain link fences, a Beveled tension band is the answer. This product is made of galvanized steel and features a zinc coating. It doesn't include a carriage bolt. And, you'll need to purchase the carriage bolt separately. Read on to learn more about this product. You'll be glad you did!

Beveled tension bands

Beveled galvanized chain link fences use beveled steel tension bands to secure the Chain-Link fabric to gate posts and post frames. These bands are usually spaced at least 12 inches apart, and are used with carriage bolts to secure the posts and frames to the fence. You can buy beveled bands in different lengths, which will be determined by the height of the fence.

When installing the bands, be sure to check the thickness of the material. They should be at least 3/16 inches wide and three-quarters to four inches thick. Then, you can screw the bands onto the posts using carriage bolts that are 5/16'' x 1-1/4" in diameter. The length of the bands must be no less than 15 inches apart, and the length must not exceed three feet.


A tension band can secure chain link fabric in place around a panel, post, or gate. The tension bar must fit inside the arms of the band and is secured with a carriage bolt. A carriage bolt is 5/16" long and 1-1/4 inches wide. The carriage bolt can be painted to match the chain link fittings. The tension band is sold separately in several different colors. You can use any of these colors to enhance the look of your chain link fence.

A chain link fence tension band is a necessary component of chain link fence installation. It secures chain link fabric to a gate, corner, or terminal post, as well as keep the tension bar tight and in place. Everbilt's black metal Chain Link Fence Tension Band is perfect for outdoor use. Its two-inch diameter allows it to resist the elements. The two-piece design allows for easy installation and is suitable for use on chain link fences.


A Galvanized Chain-Link Fence Tension Band is a crucial part of securing a Chain-Link fabric to a gate frame or terminal post. This accessory tightens the chain-link fabric to the frame and helps prevent rust from forming. Two-three/8in lengths of this tension band are required for most chain-link fence applications. Galvanized Steel is a durable material, and the smooth finish gives the installation an appealing look.

The complete system is comprised of all the parts required to erect a chain-link fence. This includes posts, mesh, pipe, fittings, and more. It also includes top rail, gates, and parts, including ground posts. When you measure the length of the fence, you'll know how much tension band you'll need. To find the right size, multiply the total running distance by three to get the correct length.


A 2-1/2-inch galvanized chain link fence tension band holds the Chain-Link fabric in place by securing it to the gate posts, terminal posts, or uprights of temp fence panels or dog kennels. This piece is typically installed twelve to eighteen inches apart. To ensure proper tension, space each band at least three inches apart. There are flat and beveled bands available for residential and commercial uses.

You can find chain link tension bands in a variety of colors. Typically, these fence bands are brown, green, or black. They are available in kits that include all the parts and pipe necessary for a proper installation. The cost of a 2-inch galvanized chain link fence tension band will depend on the total running yardage. If you want to make the cost even lower, consider a complete package fence system. These packages contain all of the parts necessary for installation, including posts, mesh, and fittings.


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