Bible ABC Flashcards Easter Basket Preschool Sunday School Toys

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Bible ABC Flashcards Easter Basket Preschool Sunday School Toys

Bible ABC Flashcards Easter Basket Preschool Sunday School Toys Christian

A colorful, pretend-play set is the perfect way to introduce children to the alphabet and sounds while introducing Christian faith vocabulary. Recognition of important sounds builds reading readiness, STEM awareness, and letter pronunciation. Using colorful, Bible verse cards, children learn letters and beginning sounds while playing pretend. Suitable for use at home, these Biblically based flash cards feature a sturdy plastic ring to facilitate ease of use.

Bible Verse Memory Verse

Incorporate a religious lesson into your Easter basket this year by including an age-appropriate Bible Verse Memory Verses activity. Your preschool child will love the fun, interactive experience of tracing the verse on an old egg shell! There are many other ways to include Bible Verse Memory Verses in your child's Easter basket, too. Use them in Sunday school lessons, in the preschool classroom, or in the Easter Egg hunt!

Old Testament cards

For the youngest children, add a Bible ABC flashcard set to your Easter basket. You can find a great selection of these flashcards at the Sunday School Store. The cards are 4x6 and feature key verses, themes, and brief explanations. For older kids, consider a craft that incorporates a Bible story. You can find instructions at Crafting the Word of God.

Rhyming Picture Sort

Children who love rhymes and songs will appreciate this set of rhyming picture sort cards. Children can sort the pictures to find the rhyming items. Another fun activity is to play rhyming memory and object match. There are song sheets and flashcards to reinforce the letters and the words in the rhyming picture sort Bible.

Rhyme Object Match Box

A fun way to introduce rhyming words is to play a game where you and your child match pictures. The game also includes songs to reinforce the word. The set includes 60 colorful tiles that form the alphabet and 30 pairs of rhyming words. The pieces are 2" by 2" and are great for one or two players to play. Alternatively, you can divide the cards into several tables and let the child play with them. They are great gifts for a child's Easter basket!

Creation cubes craft

If your child is old enough to craft, you can make a visual craft like Creation cubes to teach the days of creation. You can find instructions for making this craft at Living the Liturgical Year and Crafting the Word of God. You can also find printable bible people at The Activity Mom. The directions for making these creation cubes are easy enough for young children and interesting enough for older kids.


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