Bigfoot Candle - A Gift For Nature Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Bigfoot Candle - A Gift For Nature Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Bigfoot CandleGift for Nature LoverOutdoors PersonJohn Muir

Give a unique gift to a nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, or a John Muir costume recipient. A customized candle is a perfect gift for your favorite outdoors person! Each candle features a scent inspired by the mountains, and its ingredients include forest pine, clean citrus, and hints of campfire. Before you burn your Bigfoot candle, remove the figurine and place it in a houseplant for safe keeping. Custom candles may have different elements than those shown in the photos.

John Muir

If your friend or loved one enjoys the outdoors, a candle with a nature-themed design is sure to please. John Muir was a geologist and a prominent conservation activist who helped create the Sierra Club in the late 1800s. His activism helped preserve places like Yosemite Valley. Today, his influence on nature is reflected in national parks and other areas of natural beauty.


A gift of a Bigfoot candle is sure to please any nature lover or outdoors person. Featuring a unique scent, this candle makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The fragrance of the candle is reminiscent of the great outdoors, and its scent is fresh and clean, with notes of forest pine and citrus. The figurine is removable before burning, so the recipient can put it in a houseplant instead.

For a gift that honors the legendary John Muir and nature, you can choose a candle based on the famous Bigfoot. If you're buying the candle for a nature lover, pick one that features a John Muir quote or a quote by this famous naturalist. Alternatively, you can purchase a candle containing one of his favorite quotes.

John Muir costumes

In honor of John Muir's centennial, we've compiled a list of costume options for the Scottish explorer. From hats to beards, wigs, and boots, the following are all options for the costume-minded. From the sombre to the whimsical, we've selected the best options for costumes inspired by the great Scottish naturalist. Regardless of the theme, you're sure to find the right one for any event.

When John Muir was a young man, he wasn't a wealthy man, so he had to work odd jobs to make ends meet. He worked in farms, sawmills, and even at a broom and carriage factory. Ultimately, his financial situation led him to retire from active ranching and pursue his love of writing. He died in 1898, but he continues to inspire his fans with his poetry, fiction, and essays.


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