Black Shoe Repair Patch Heel Cushion Insert Self-Adhesive

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Black Shoe Repair Patch Heel Cushion Insert Self-Adhesive

Black Shoe Repair Patch Heel Cushion Insert Self

A great way to alleviate the pain and discomfort of your heels is to insert a heel cushion in your shoes. These inserts are designed to be easy to apply and stay in place in any style of shoe. There are men's and women's versions of the heel cushions. They are made to fit into all types of shoes, and their ergonomic design mimics your heel's contour. They also prevent slipping, rubbing and blistering.


Using the Black Shoe Repair Patch Heel Cushion Insert is an easy and quick way to fix your damaged heels. These patches are easy to apply and will stay in place in your shoes. They come in both male and female styles, and will fit any type of shoe. The soft and ergonomic design of the inserts will cushion your heels and prevent slipping and rubbing. These shoe inserts will last you for a long time, so you can wear them every day without worrying about rubbing or blistering your feet.

This self-adhesive patch is also perfect for repairing worn-out shoes. The patch is made from microfiber material, which is safe for your skin and durable. It is virtually invisible and is perfect for everyday use. The patches fit any type of shoe, including sneakers, heels, and flats. And since they are self-adhesive, you can apply them anywhere inside your shoes.

Supra Tongue Pads

The Supra Tongue Pads for Black Shoos repair the pain caused by your rubbing shoes. The soft suede outer-layer and memory foam fill in the empty space to prevent painful rubbing. Designed to prevent blisters and pain, these tongue pads are self-adhesive and adhere to the tongue of your shoes. Using them will instantly eliminate irritation. They can also help to eliminate pain caused by blisters, so you can wear your shoes with more confidence.

Shoe Repair Patches

A sneaker hole repair patch is a handy and convenient product for any shoe. These self-adhesive patches fit inside any type of shoe. They can prevent holes and broken parts from developing inside the shoe and help to extend its service life. They come in different sizes and colors and can be cut to fit specific parts of the shoe. For easy application, remove the backing paper and press firmly onto the affected area. These patch kits are available for most types of shoes, including sneakers, slip-ons and more.

These self-adhesive patches come in a package of 12 pairs in a variety of colors. Each one is made of high-quality microfiber leather and has a self-adhesive backing. Simply paste the patches into the shoe holes. They will then adhere securely to the damaged area. The patches are very easy to apply, and they are great gifts for family and friends.


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