Cabinet Hardware Jig Tools

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Cabinet Hardware Jig Tools

Cabinet Hardware Jig tool for Handles and Knobs Drawer Guide Jig on Doors

The cabinet hardware jig tool is one of the most important tools in the cabinet-making process. It is made of forged aircraft-grade aluminum, which is extremely durable. Its bushings are made of case-hardened steel and are guaranteed to last for 10,000 drill holes. It also features laser engraved rulers that won't fade. You can use it to install handle and knobs on your cabinets, drawers, and doors.

Concealed Hinge Jig

The Concealed HingeJig is a tool that allows you to drill cup holes for Euro and concealed cabinet door hinges. The drill press-compatible tool positions the carbide-tipped bit at the proper offset and depth for perfect installation of handles and knobs. The tool comes with a depth stop collar for repeatable results. Whether you're working on a single door or a series of doors, the Concealed Hinge Jig will make the process simple and precise.

Kreg jig

Using the Kreg jig tool for handles, knobs, and drawers on doors will make the task of installing handles, pulls, and other cabinet hardware much easier. Its features include hardened steel drill guides, adjustable edge-to-centre spacing, and a jig that fits standard 64, 96, and 128mm handles. This tool is an invaluable addition to any toolkit. It is recommended that you purchase a 5mm drill bit for use with this jig.


DICATTE cabinet hardware jig tools for knobs and handles are designed to drill holes in doors and drawers with ease and precision. This product is made from the finest aerospace-grade materials and is adjustable, making it easy to drill holes for different types of cabinet hardware. Featuring a reversible edge guide and built-in measuring scales, this tool can help you install knobs and handles with ease.

Steel-made bushings

If you're looking for a tool to accurately install your knobs and handles, you'll need to use a cabinet hardware jig. This tool is made of durable aluminum alloy and is designed to measure the width of your drawer and the center of your handle. It can also be used to adjust the sliders and drill holes that are accurately centered.

Aluminum drill guides

The Cabinet Hardware Jig is an upgraded handles template, and features a moveable edge guide with built-in measuring scales. It eliminates any uncertainty or potential mistakes in drilling. This tool is intuitive and robust enough for experienced users and novices alike. To use it, you'll need a drill and a 3/16-inch bit. You can even use the drill guide to match the hardware to the cabinet, so you can install your knobs and handles with little to no effort at all.


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