Cabinet Installation Tools - Universal Drawer Slide Jig and Drawer Slides Jig Kit

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Cabinet Installation Tools - Universal Drawer Slide Jig and Drawer Slides Jig Kit

Universal Drawer Slide Jig Drawer Slides Jig Kit Cabinet Installation Tools

Before installing new drawers, you should use a universal drawer slide jig to ensure that your new slides are level and are installed properly. This tool protrudes from the cabinet and can support the drawer as you drive screws into the drawer box. It ensures that the slides are installed correctly and the drawers operate smoothly. You will need to use it in all of your new cabinet installations.

Drawer Slide Jig

The Rockler Universal DSJ drawer slide installation tool is the ultimate aid for cabinet installers. It is the ultimate tool for installation of nearly any type of drawer slide, including ball-bearing side-mount slides, epoxy-coated centre-mount slides, and center-mount slides. Its locking wedge keeps the slide securely in place and prevents slippage. It can help save you time and frustration when installing drawer slides, and can make the process a breeze.

Concealed Hinge Jig

A Concealed Hinge Jig for recessed hinges and full-extension drawer slides allows you to drill perfectly sized holes for all of your hinge mounting needs. The jig features an indexing guide and a built-in stop collar to ensure that your mounting holes are precise. The jig also features a 1/16" bit for drilling the mounting holes for your hinge.


Using a universal drawer slide jig makes the installation process much simpler. This tool uses built-in tabs to support the drawer slide and cabinet while you're driving the screws into the drawer box. When you use the jig, you can be sure the slides will be installed correctly and the drawers will run smoothly. You can use it with any brand of drawer slides, even the cheapest ones, and it's an essential part of cabinet installation.


If you are planning to install new slides for your cabinet drawers, you should consider purchasing an Epoxy-coated Universal, 3 Jigs Drawer Slide Jig Kit. They are easy to use and can make the task faster and more accurate. The Kit includes 3 jigs and a drill bit. These jigs have a 100 lb. load rating and a sturdy steel indexing rod. The kit also comes with a left and right slide for doing one drawer.


The Universal Pull Out Drawer Slide Jig Kit from Rockler is the ultimate drawer slide installation tool. Compatible with almost all kinds of drawer slides, the jig is a handy tool to have around the home. It works with centre-mount, side-mount, and ball-bearing slides. Another great feature of the Rockler Universal Pull Out Drawer Slide Jig is the locking wedge, which holds the slide in place without slipping.


Quick-release drawer slides can be installed with ease with a Drawer Slide Jig. This tool is comprised of two brackets that match the face frame of the cabinet and are designed to protrude from the cabinet to support the drawer slide as you drill mounting holes. These tools are compatible with most types of drawer slides, including ball-bearing, undermount, and epoxy-coated slides.

Cross Dowel Jig

Whether you're installing new drawer slides or replacing existing ones, using a Cross Dowel Jig for Drawer Slide is an excellent way to get everything perfect. These tools are made of solid aluminum and feature stainless steel guide bushings to ensure the accuracy of the joint. The exposed dowels protrude at 45 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the drawer wall. When trimmed to length, the exposed dowels will be ovoid in shape. The drill collar must be positioned properly or you may end up drilling through the backing piece or rear wall of the drawer.


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