Cat Toys Made in the USA

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Cat Toys Made in the USA

A cat toy that is made in the USA can provide a variety of benefits for both your pet and the environment. Not only are these toys made with non-toxic materials, but many of them can last for years. Many of them are made by local artists and skilled artisans. When you buy a toy made in the USA, you're supporting small businesses and helping support the American economy. Plus, you're helping to support small businesses in your area.

Bruce + Fox Designs

The handmade catnip toys made by Bruce and Fox Designs are filled with a powerful blend of all-organic catnip and silvervine. The toys are fun to play with and are made from a durable fabric to ensure your cat has the best possible play time. The toys come in a variety of shapes and patterns to appeal to many different types of cats. The toys can last for months and are made to last.


If you're looking for the perfect gift for your feline friend, the Petstages Cat Toy is the way to go. Made from durable rubber and fabric streamers, this toy is soft on the gums and satisfying for your feline friend. The spokes of the toy help keep teeth clean and reduce tartar buildup. It's also a great way to redirect a cat's bad behavior.

SmartyKat Skitter Critters

The mouse-shaped toys by SmartyKat are made from soft plush material and are filled with pure catnip. They're easy to carry around and are designed to satisfy your cat's prey instinct. In addition, they are made from renewable, recycled, and certified organic materials. You can pick up a few of the toys in their 10-toy pack. Your cat will love playing with these toys and they're sure to have hours of fun!

YVE LIFE Automatic Cat Laser Toy

The YVE LIFE Automatic Cat Laser Toxic Toy is an excellent option for indoor play for cats. This toy comes in a cat-shaped design and is powered by AA batteries or a USB charge. It has two modes: a slow mode that moves the laser slowly around the room, and a fast mode that accelerates and makes the cat chase after the light. The toy also has a random pattern that your cat can play with.

KONG Dangle Feet Teaser Feather Assorted Cat Toy

The KONG Dangle Feet Teaser is a popular cat toy that encourages your cat to hunt. It features a figure attached to a long, 18.5-inch string that stretches and retracts. This toy will keep your cat entertained for hours. Moreover, it is made of durable canvas that will last for a long time.

KONG Dangle Feet Teaser

The KONG Dangle Feet Teaser cat toy is made of feathers and is ideal for interactive play. This toy is filled with KONG Premium North American Catnip and has bright feathers that make a crinkle sound. A cat will enjoy batting at the toy and interacting with its feathers. This toy is made in the USA.


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