Cheesy Pizza Handmade Sidewalk Chalk

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Cheesy Pizza Handmade Sidewalk Chalk

Cheesy Pizza Handmade Sidewalk Chalk

Handmade sidewalk chalk pizza is an eco-friendly product, created from non-toxic paint and glitter. It is not meant for consumption, but to be used as a chalkboard instead of eating. It was originally a kitchen project of Philadelphia-based preschool teacher Kate Leibrand, but since then it has grown into a small woman-owned business, TWEE. The company is environmentally-friendly and promotes creative play.

Sidewalk chalk pizzas

For an eco-friendly way to decorate your sidewalk, check out these cheesy pizza handmade with sidewalk chalk slices. These pizza slices feature hand-painted decorations and toppings. Whether you're decorating the sidewalk or a driveway, these pizza slices will look adorable on your street. And, because they're handmade, there may be some minor irregularities. But, this just makes them that much more beautiful.

These cheesy pizza handmade with sidewalk chalk designs are a fun way to add some color to your sidewalk. Made in Philadelphia, these sidewalk chalk designs feature bright colors and a fun design. The chalk makes a colorful pattern on your sidewalk and is ideal for kids and adults alike. And, as a bonus, they're edible! So, you can enjoy them on the sidewalk for days to come!

Pizza for dolls

This cheesy pizza sidewalk chalk is fun and eco-friendly! Hand-painted toppings and decorations create a whimsical twist on a classic childhood favorite. It is great for streets, sidewalks, and driveways. The pizza sidewalk chalk is made from biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients. The pizza sidewalk chalk is perfect for children of all ages and the fun never stops!

Non-toxic paint

Featuring glitter crust, Non-toxic Cheesy Pizza Handpainted Sidewalk Chalk is a whimsical spin on childhood favorites. Twee's chalk meets ASTMD-4236 standards for non-toxicity and biodegradability, so you can feel good about purchasing this chalk. And because Twee is a woman-owned small business, all of its products are environmentally friendly, too.

The main ingredient in sidewalk chalk is water. When water is added to Plaster of Paris, it solidifies, creating a durable surface. Water is the universal solvent - it dissolves most substances. You can use water to draw on sidewalks, in driveways, and on walls. And because it's so versatile, it's completely safe to use for all ages. However, it's not recommended to use Plaster of Paris for sidewalk chalk because it's highly toxic to children and can cause allergic reactions.

Eco-friendly glitter

The TWEE Cheesy Pizza handcrafted sidewalk chalk is biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly. This set includes four pizza slices, two orange and one yellow chalk, glitter crust and toppings, and a fully biodegradable package. It is made for use on surfaces that are gritted. Each package contains approximately 100 chalk pieces. TWEE chalk is meant for outdoor use, and may have slight imperfections, so be sure to keep this in mind when using it.

TWEE is a Philadelphia-based studio that specializes in handmade sidewalk chalk. Its mission is to provide children with a colorful playtime. TWEE chalks are biodegradable and made with eco-friendly, kid-safe materials. The glitter used is eco-friendly and non-toxic. TWEE sidewalk chalk products are designed to fit into a child's hands so they're less likely to break or fall apart during use. The chalks come in a variety of shapes and colors, including pizza, cheesy pizza, and ice cream.


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