Choosing a Parts Storage Drawer and Screw Component Organizer Tool Chest Wall Mount

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Choosing a Parts Storage Drawer and Screw Component Organizer Tool Chest Wall Mount

Parts Storage Drawers Screw Component Organizer Tool Chest Wall Mount

When it comes to choosing a parts storage drawer, you will find several options in a tool chest. There are many different manufacturers, but the top brands include EnnovaTools, Craftsman, Stanley, and Steel Dragon Tools. Read on for some tips when choosing a tool chest. If you need a tool chest to store screw components, check out our selection of parts storage drawers.


The EnnovaTools WVE9420 is one of the top-rated parts storage drawers and screw component organizers on the market today. Its innovative design and conveniences make it an excellent choice for mechanics and repair shop owners. This tool chest wall mount is comprised of 60 compartments and can accommodate a variety of tools, including pliers, wrenches, and other small parts.


If you have a Craftsman screw component organizer, you'll love it! Not only do these handy tools make your life easier, they're incredibly durable. Craftsman has spent a lot of time perfecting their tool boxes and organizers to make it easy to find exactly what you need, and keep your tools in great shape. Here's a look at what these tool chests and organizers have to offer.


One option for parts storage is a tool chest. A tool chest is a great solution for storing different types of tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, and other small tools. Its dividers and sections are designed to help you organize and separate various tools. The foam organizers are designed to go in the drawers and create a vertical area for organizing different types of tools.

Steel Dragon Tools

When you're in the market for a new parts storage system, there are several different types of parts storage drawers to choose from. The TLPB60 from Steel Dragon Tools is an excellent choice if you're in the repair business and need to organize small parts. Unlike many other toolboxes, it features multiple compartments and is built to last. With 15 dividers, this toolbox can hold all types of tools, from small wrenches to large bolts.

EnnovaTools WVE9420

This wall mount parts storage tool chest has several compartments to keep small tools, small screws, and small pieces. Despite its number of compartments, the EnnovaTools WVE9420 is not very portable and it does not come with a cover or dividers. It also collects dust, but this can be easily remedied by using a blow gun. Although it lacks a cover or divider, the Organizer is easy to clean by tearing up cardboard or old plastic trim.

EnnovaTools TLPB60

The TLPB60 from Steel Dragon Tools is a large-sized unit with lots of compartments and covers. While it requires floor space, it's great for repair shops and other businesses. The many compartments are large enough to hold small parts and accessories, and the wall-mounted version is lightweight and portable. While the TLPB60 is expensive, it may be worth considering for repair shops looking for an extra-large tool chest.

Stanley TLPB60

The Steel Dragon Tools TLPB60 Screw Component Organizing Tool Chest Wall Mount has 60 compartments and is expensive. It also requires floor space. If you work on cars, this unit is great for storing small parts. It has plenty of compartments, including large ones, which are great for holding small screws and other small parts. Despite its high price, this tool chest does not sacrifice convenience for size.


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