Classic Spinning Activity Toy For Toddlers

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Classic Spinning Activity Toy For Toddlers

Classic Spinning Activity Toy for Toddlers Ages Over 18 Months

A classic spinning activity toy for toddlers is the Sit 'N Spin Toy. This toy promotes balance and coordination while spinning. When you sit on the toy, it spins smoother and faster, creating hours of spinning fun. It can spin as fast as three miles per hour, so even the smallest toddlers can engage in hours of spinning fun.

Sit 'N Spin Toy

The Sit 'N Spin toy promotes balance and coordination. It spins smoothly and easily, providing hours of spinning fun. It can be spun slow or fast for varying levels of challenge. Children will love spinning this toy and gaining coordination skills at the same time. It is also safe for little hands, as it is non-toxic and non-abrasive.

The Playskool Sit 'N Spin toy is a classic toy for toddlers. It allows your child to control the spinning action by pulling or pushing the stationary wheel. Your toddler will have hours of indoor fun with this toy! It comes with 2 center posts, three screws, a turn handle, and instructions. The Sit 'N Spin is simple to assemble. An adult must be present to help. A Phillips/cross head screwdriver is recommended.

The Pop-Tastic Play-On-Repeat toy is an excellent choice for toddlers over 18 months. This toy will help your child explore the concept of cause and effect and is easy to store. Parents will appreciate the simple packaging and the easy to assemble mechanism. It is also great for improving balance. Listed below are some other features of the Sit 'N Spin toy for Toddlers Ages Over 18 Months

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