Compatible With Stabila Levels and Holders

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Compatible With Stabila Levels and Holders

Level Rack Mount Compatible with Stabila Levels  Holders

A level rack is a great way to store your Stabila levels. This innovative rack can be used on bare studs, drywall, garage door panels, or in your work truck. It holds one level and has a cam lock to keep it secure. The Stacker is another option for saving space, and a Level Rack Stacker saves even more space. It's also compatible with most level holders, including jamber level cases.

Stabila Laser Wall Mount Bracket

The Stabila Laser Wall Mount Bracket is compatible with Stabila Levels and holders. The bracket is made of durable steel, is positioned vertically or horizontally and offers full-time pulse mode for perfect system protection. This model features a compact housing with an extendable foot and height adjustment, and shock-absorbing STABILA soft-grip casing. Its laser can be pivoted to cover a wide range of areas including drop-ceilings, cabinets and tile work.

The laser is protected with a shock-absorbent soft-grip casing that prevents scratching or dusting. The unit requires 3 AA batteries (not included) and is IP54 rated. The bracket also features a molded indicator for proper battery placement. The bracket can accommodate a wide range of mounting options. This mount will fit in tightest spaces, as well as on walls.

Stabila Jamber Level Case

The Stabila Jamber Level Case rack mount is a convenient storage and transport solution for your levels. It features 6 pockets to store your level accessories, allowing you to easily access each one when needed. The case is made of durable materials and includes an adjustable strap to help you carry the case safely. This case also comes with a 30-day limited warranty. It also protects your investment by ensuring that the levels are secure when in use.

The Stabila Level Case is one of the best selling accessories. It is compatible with Stabila levels and may be included in your purchase. However, some sets and individual levels do not come with a level case, so you will need to purchase one separately. It is a useful storage solution and can protect your levels when not in use. These tools are incredibly versatile and easy to use. They'll give you the accuracy and confidence you need to complete your projects.

Stabila Level Rack Mount

A simple way to store your Stabila level holder is by using a Stabila Level Rack mount. These convenient racks can be mounted on bare studs, drywall, garage door panels, or even in a work truck. The cam lock on the level racks secures your Stabila level holders. Whether they are in a garage, work truck, or home, the Level Rack is an excellent way to keep them safe.


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