Contractor-Grade QLT Lightweight Aluminum Tie Wire Twister

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Contractor-Grade QLT Lightweight Aluminum Tie Wire Twister

ContractorGrade QLT Lightweight Aluminum Tie Wire Reel

Before buying a contractor-grade QLT Lightweight Aluminum Tie Wire Twister, you should be familiar with its features and how to buy one. Luckily, you can do just that! Read on to learn more about the QLT, and where you can buy it! Read on for some tips and tricks! You'll find out how to purchase a contractor-grade QLT Tie Wire Reel!

Features of contractor-grade QLT Tie Wire Twister

The QLT Pull Tie Wire Twister is a contractor-grade tool that can easily twist the tie wire with one simple pull. This tool features an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold in tight spaces, and it comes in a variety of lengths for various applications. It is available in both a standard and heavy-duty model. Regardless of what kind of job you need to complete, you'll have no trouble finding a perfect size and configuration for your needs.

The lightweight aluminum construction of the Klein Tools tie wire reel keeps it in good condition and makes it easy to store in a toolbox. The left-handed and right-handed twister feature a convenient storage space for the tie wire. The right-handed twister has a larger capacity, but still offers the same functionality. Both the left and right-handed models come with a cordless connection.


A Contractor-Grade QLT Lightweight Aluminum (QLT) Tie Wire Reel is an important tool for any jobsite. It is lightweight and makes organizing and twisting tie wire a breeze. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, the QLT comes in two sizes: standard and heavy-duty. This lightweight aluminum tie wire reel has a durable, patented design to save you time and effort while using it.

Where to buy

One tool you need for your job is a contractor-grade QLT lightweight aluminum tie wire retractor. This handy tool is a compact, lightweight unit that twists the tie wire quickly and safely. You can also buy a heavy-duty unit if you need more capacity. The QLT retractor comes in standard and heavy-duty versions, which are both durable and safe for use.


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