Crayola Washable and Dry-Erase Markers Gifts - 40 Classic Colors

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Crayola Washable and Dry-Erase Markers Gifts - 40 Classic Colors

Washable Markers Broad Line Markers Gifts 40 Classic Colors

Crayola Ultra Clean Washable and Dry-Erase Fine Line Markers are two of the world's most popular coloring supplies. With a new Ultra-Clean formula, these markers are easy to remove from walls, clothing, and skin. Plus, they're made from non-toxic materials. You'll be able to enjoy years of fun with these colorful crayons, whether you're teaching kids how to draw, practicing their artistic skills, or just enjoying the process of coloring.

Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers

The world's washable broad line markers are now available in an improved, washable Ultra-Clean formula that is as easy to remove from skin, clothes, and walls as water. The new washable markers allow children to color anywhere they want, without the worry of harmful substances being released into the environment. The bright, bold colors will make every child's imagination soar, and their creative juices will run wild!

This set of markers features 40 classic colors, including a wide range of pastels. The markers are formulated to remove colors from skin and most fabrics, making them ideal for coloring on walls, clothes, and even clothing. Kids will love using these washable markers for classroom activities, arts and crafts projects, and school-age children will love the convenience of being able to easily wipe them off!

Crayola Colors Broadline Markers

With improved Ultra-Clean formula, these washable broad line markers are the world's cleanest. They can be washed from clothes, walls and skin. And thanks to a washable, non-toxic formula, they're easy to clean and reuse. The new Ultra-Clean formula allows for quick and easy cleanup after use, so no need to worry about getting a permanent stain on the wall.

With 16 shades, these water-based markers are the perfect coloring tools for any classroom or craft room. With sturdy, conical tips, they can easily color large areas. And their nontoxic formula won't bleed through paper. These versatile colors can even be used to color fine lines. The markers are nontoxic and safe for kids four and up. They're also dishwasher-safe, making them perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or kitchen.

Crayola Colors Dry-Erase Fine Line Markers

Bright and bold colors are the hallmarks of Crayola Dry-Erase Fine Line Markers. With a bullet tip, fine lines are easily made on smaller surfaces, making them ideal for scheduling, organization, and practicing letters and numbers. These washable markers erase easily from most dry-erase surfaces, and are AP-certified nontoxic. The bright colors make them ideal for home use as well as traveling.

Crayola Colors Dry-Escape Fine Line Markers come in a convenient 12-count washable package. These washable markers write on most standard dry-erase surfaces, including white boards. They also feature a washable formula, making them perfect for traveling or other outdoor activities. These markers are ideal for classroom use and are safe for children and the environment. They are a great way for kids to get started on dry-erase art.


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