Crystal Air Plant Gift Set - Includes a 4.75 Mini Wood Display Shelf

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Crystal Air Plant Gift Set - Includes a 4.75 Mini Wood Display Shelf

Crystal Air Plant Gift Set  Includes a 475 Mini wood Display Shelf

This Crystal Air Plant Gift Set is a stunning addition to any home. Wood and plants are a perfect match and geocrystals add a dazzling color combination to the arrangement. The four shelves hold the air plant, along with all of the other elements required for it to thrive. These gifts are great for anyone who appreciates plants and nature. They make beautiful gifts and are perfect for any occasion.

Large Glass Terrarium with three Ionantha

Ionantha species are small air plants native to Mexico, Central America, and South America. Each has a distinctive clump-forming habit and can grow up to three inches tall. They have beautiful, delicate blooms and require weekly misting or quick soaking. Depending on the species, they can bloom one to three times each year. Choosing a variety is an excellent way to provide a colorful display for your terrarium.

This Living Ecosystem contains three Ionantha varieties, a bubble bowl, cork bark chunk, and reiner moss. This terrarium can be a coffee table accent or centerpiece. It features three ionantha air plants that will thrive in a glass environment. It also comes with a double-sided bubble bowl and is easy to hang. The plants require regular watering, so a terrarium with built-in wall fixtures will be useful.

Large Ivory Ceramic Vases with Harrissi, Red Hope and Caput Medusae Air Plants

A variety of air plants are available for this elegant piece. Harrissi, Red Abdita, and Caput Medusae are some of the most popular. This vase features all three species. Harrissi, which is native to central and southern America, has silvery, snake-like leaves. Red Abdita, on the other hand, is a beautiful, delicate flower.

The Caput Medusae is named after Medusa, the mythological creature from Greek mythology. Medusa's hair was made of venomous snakes, and the onlookers who saw her turned to stone. T. caput medusae has snake-like leaves, and these beauties are also the home to ants, which fertilize them.

Geometric planters

If you're looking for a beautiful gift for a plant lover, look no further than the Crystal Air Plant Gift Set, which includes a beautiful 4 1/4-inch mini wood display shelf. Whether you're buying one for yourself or gifting it to someone else, this set is sure to please. Each air plant pot features a unique crystal design and measures 8.5 inches square. This set comes with hangers to hold your plants, and it's stable enough to stand alone or pair with other decor and plants.

The glass bottle is decorated with jute, a wooden bead, and a colorful moss. It's the perfect size for a home-decor project, and the air plant is a welcome addition to any room. There's nothing more beautiful than an air plant set made from crystals. Make it a point to buy a gift set that's unique to you, and you'll be surprised at the positive response you'll receive!

Large Ceramic Vases with Harrissi

Bringing nature into your home is as easy as keeping an air plant in a vase. These low-maintenance plants can survive in a variety of environments and require only moderate amounts of water and light to thrive. They are perfect gifts for home decorators and make excellent gifts for a variety of occasions. The set includes four large ceramic vases, a wood display shelf, and four mini air plants, and is complete with a matching wooden mini wood display shelf.


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