D-Line Cable Raceways

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D-Line Cable Raceways

Cord Cover White 39 Inch OnePiece Half Round Cable Raceway

D-Line's cable raceways feature self-adhesive backing and an easy-to-use latching lid and hinge. They are designed with flexibility in mind, so you can add and remove cables as needed. Plus, they come with Raceway Accessories to help you customize your cable organization. Read on to learn more about D-Line cable raceways. You'll love their one-piece patented design.


A paintable 39-inch half-round cable raceway is a decorative alternative to a traditional metal wall plate. Its half-round design blends in with baseboards and is self-adhesive for a perfect finish. This cable wall cover also features an integrated cable hiding system for TV wires. It is available in different colors to suit the design theme of your home.


Self-adhesive Half Round Cable Raceway is designed with a half-round profile that blends in seamlessly with baseboards. The cable wall cover is available in white or black. These cable walls cover are made with self-adhesive backing and can be cut to any length for the perfect fit. They are also available with a self-adhesive adhesive backing for maximum security.

One-piece patented design

D-Line Cable Raceway is an easy-to-install, one-piece cable management system. Its patented one-piece design allows for easy cable management and keeps wires and cables out of sight and out of reach of children. Its half-round design hides over baseboard and fits seamlessly on walls. It also comes with a variety of accessories. If you're looking for a cable raceway that looks like a real cable management system, D-Line's D-Line Cable Raceway is a great choice.

One-piece half round design

This one-piece, half-round cable raceway is designed for use with D-Line cable management systems. It features a self-adhesive backing and hinged design for secure cable placement. Its unique design also makes it easy to install and remove cables. It is also available in multipacks. For even easier installation, you can buy compatible D-Line wire cover accessory multipacks.

One-piece latching hinge

Among cable raceways, a single-piece latching hinge is an excellent choice. Its flexible hinge provides a sturdy support, while its latch-style design offers an attractive appearance. This product is incredibly durable and comes in several sizes. For added flexibility, you can also find an array of accessories for the raceway, which will make installation and maintenance even easier. If you want to add more security to your cable raceways, you can also purchase additional latching hinges to add more stability to your installation.


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