D-Line Cord Cover White 39 Inch One-Piece Half Round Cable Raceway

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D-Line Cord Cover White 39 Inch One-Piece Half Round Cable Raceway

DLine Cord Cover White 39 Inch OnePiece Half Round Cable Raceway

If you are looking for a solution to conceal your cord drops vertically, this D-Line cord cover is the best choice for you. Its white color blends in perfectly with any decor and is easy to install. It also features screw-fixing and easy-to-drill holes. This product is available in different sizes, and has various advantages.

Easy to install

D-Line Cord Covers are a great way to hide unsightly cables. D-Line Cord Cover White offers a half round cable raceway that blends with most decor. These are especially useful for securing small cables above baseboards and are the perfect solution for hiding speaker and alarm cords. D-Line Cable Management Grip Strips are supplied coiled, but can be easily uncoiled for a flat finish.

Blends with decor

One way to achieve a seamless look is to mix and match your pieces. To achieve blending, try mixing and matching the styles and colors of your furniture. Try adding accessories in the same color family and softening a masculine room with soft fabrics. To get the look you want, mix and match colors and styles, but make sure that they are evenly distributed. Bright colors can help you achieve this. Use accents and accessories to tie in the colors.

Can be drilled & screw-fixed

A neat solution for cable management, the D-Line Cord Cover White 39 Inch is made from high-quality PVC and is perfect for hiding wires and cables. This one-piece cable raceway is ideal for hiding cables above and around wall-mounted televisions and audiovisual equipment. Drilled and screw-fixed mounting allows you to adjust the length of the raceway as needed.


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