Decorative Cord Cover Raceway Kit

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Decorative Cord Cover Raceway Kit

Cord Cover Raceway Kit Cable Cover Channel Paintable Cord Concealer Syste

If you have a cable clutter problem in your house, you may be looking for a cord concealer. These products are easy to install, use self-adhesive tape, and fit most interiors. They also make your interiors look tidy and neat.

Paintable Wire Concealer

A paintable wire concealer system is a great way to conceal unsightly cable runs. This cable hider system hides your cables from sight, making your home look neat and clean. It also helps organize your cables so they don't tangle up.

This cable concealer system is 1.5" in diameter by 0.75" high, which makes it ideal for concealing multiple cables in a room. It comes in a two-section package that includes 8 couplings, 4 flat elbows, one inside and one outside elbow, and mounting tape. Upon installation, it's easy to adjust the length to meet your needs.

Easy to install

Easy to install cable concealers are a great way to hide unsightly cables. These products feature tools-free installation and snap-on designs for a clean, professional look. Plus, you can paint them to match any décor. The EVEO Premium Cable Concealer can be installed in fifteen minutes or less, and features a unique attach & snap structure for fast changes. It also comes with connectors for any type of installation and is a classic look that fits most corners.

This Easy to Install Cable Cover Raceway Kit is a great way to conceal all of your cables and make them look neat and organized. This system comes with a 15-inch length and is made from high-quality PVC. This system also comes with screws and a self-adhesive tape.

Strong self-adhesive tape

Strong self-adhesive tape is essential for installing cable cover raceways. This is an easy and fast way to hide cable and wires. This tape is strong and suitable for use on walls. It is supplied in a 2-section packing. You can cut it to size if necessary.

This cable cover raceway kit comes with a strong self-adhesive tape that can stick to wood, metal, and flat surfaces. Once it has been applied, it can be removed easily without causing any damage to the surface. The tape is made of PA66, an eco-friendly material. It can withstand UV rays, weather, and water.


The Decorative Cord Cover Raceway Kit is a great way to hide wires and cables. It is easy to install and has a sleek, slender design. It also has a paintable surface and doesn't require tools. It is perfect for both home and office projects.

This cable cover is available in a wide variety of colors and is fully paintable. You can even paint it yourself using fine sandpaper. You can also cut it to the length you need.


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