Dinosaur Toy Truck For Kids 3-7 With Flashing Lights Music and Roaring Sound

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Dinosaur Toy Truck For Kids 3-7 With Flashing Lights Music and Roaring Sound

Dinosaur Toy Truck for Kids 37 with Flashing Lights Music and Roaring

Looking for a perfect gift for a toddler, preschooler, or young child? Then the Dinosaur Toy Truck for Kids 3-7 with Flashing Lights, Music, and Roaring Sound may be just the thing! This toy truck set can be a huge source of fun for young kids who love trucks! It makes an excellent birthday, Christmas, school prize, or New Year's gift.

Dinosaur Toy Truck for Kids 3-7

If you are looking for a fun toy for your child, consider a Dinosaur Toy Truck for Children 3-7 with Flashing Lights and Music. This toy truck is fun for kids because it lets them explore the world with the help of the dinos. It features realistic details and textures but still retains a whimsical feel. The limbs of the dinos move as you push them around, and they can also be taken apart to play with different parts.

This toy truck is a great way to engage your child's imagination while teaching them about the prehistoric world. It comes with a variety of vehicles including a big Triceratops dinosaur carrier truck. The dinosaur cars can pull back and move forward. The toy has a carry handle and flashing lights. There are six mini dinosaurs included with the truck.

Flashing lights

The Dinosaur Toy Truck for kids ages three to seven is a must-have for any dinosaur fanatic. With flashing lights, roaring sounds and music, this truck will be a hit among younger dino fans! It will also teach your child some Chinese characters, such as Zhong Bing ya and Zhi Liao wo.

The toy comes with a RC T. rex, transmitter, two rechargeable batteries, and a USB charger. The dinosaur is easy to operate and features realistic details. When it's assembled, it can move forward and right, shake its head, and flash its lights. Its sleek design and rechargeable battery will give kids between forty to sixty minutes of play time.


With its rumbling roar and flashing lights, this Dinosaur Toy Truck is the perfect gift for any child. The fun toy is also fully functional and comes with multiple vehicles to keep your child occupied. It is also safe for children to play with, thanks to the included safety belt. And as an added bonus, the truck even plays music.

The Dinosaur Toy Truck for Children Ages 3-7 with Flashing Lights and Music is made of non-toxic materials, making it safe for even the youngest child. It's a great gift for the holidays, and will keep your child entertained for hours. As a bonus, your child and you can bond as the fun continues.

Remote control

This remote control for dinosaur toy truck is a great gift for kids of all ages. It is easy to operate and uses three aa batteries. The dinosaur's head, arms, legs, and feet can be controlled by the toy's buttons. It is environmentally friendly and made of recycled abs material. Suitable for ages three and up, this toy has a 12 months warranty.

The toy features a realistic design and a variety of fun features. The toy reacts to the touch of your child's head, shakes its head, and even wags its tail. Multiple touches trigger different dinosaur voices. The remote dinos can also fire rockets or fire missiles and can lock onto a target. Once it receives a combat signal, it will attack according to your command. It also features flashing lights, a roaring sound, and an automatic walking mode.


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