Douglas Dunham Shiba Inu Dog Plush Stuffed Animal Review

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Douglas Dunham Shiba Inu Dog Plush Stuffed Animal Review

Douglas Dunham Shiba Inu Dog Plush Stuffed Animal

Whether you're looking for a dog that will be the perfect pet for your child or are just looking for a stylish gift, the Douglas Dunham Shiba Inu Dog plush stuffed animal will surely make an excellent gift. This beautiful toy is crafted with high quality materials and is filled with soft fill for added comfort. The design is very appealing, and it will be perfect for cuddles and hugs.

Douglas Company

For the discriminating dog lover in your life, a plush shiba inu like the Dunham Shiba Inu dog is a great gift. This adorable dog comes with long, soft fur, amber eyes, and curled ears with a leatherette nose. His face is detailed with endearing expressions and features a curled tail. He measures 16 inches and is a great gift for any age.

This plush dog is made by the Douglas Company, a family-owned company since 1956. They use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to create heirloom-quality plush animals for any occasion. Each plush dog is made of child-safe materials and meets voluntary Toy Safety Standards. The Douglas Company Shiba Inu Dog Plush Stuffed Animal is made with a plush-stuffed-animal body that evokes a feeling of endearment.

Douglas Company's plush Shiba Inu

The Dunham plush Shiba Inu dog is made of soft, luxurious long pile plush fur and features an endearing expression and amber-colored eyes. It has an elongated tail and a curled nose, and is perfect for little hands. Made in Keene, New Hampshire, the dog is safe for children ages three and up. For even more appeal, he features a curled tail and a soft leatherette nose.

The Douglas Company's plush Shiba - Puppy is another great addition to your family's collection. The stuffed dog has a thick, plush coat and features breed-accurate coloring. The soft puppy dog's eyes gaze up at you, just like a real dog. Whether you choose a Shiba Inu dog for a child's room or an adorable gift for a family member, the plush is sure to make everyone happy.


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