What should I do if the earphone/headphone gets water?

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1. First of all, you can try to remove the moisture in the earphones. The main methods are drying, blowing in cold air, blowing hard against the three holes at the back of the earphones and so on.

   2. Next, restore the shape of the tympanic membrane to the original shape. The specific method is to clean the position of the metal film on the front of the earphone when there is little moisture in the earphone, and then hold the front of the earphone with your mouth. Inhale through the earphones, don’t let the air leak, and you will hear the sound of piapia. After a few rounds, the eardrum shape of the earphones will be restored, but don’t use too much force when blowing and washing. Finally, complete an inhalation or blow to let the tympanic membrane unfold in one direction.

   Daily maintenance method of earphone:

   1. The plug of the earphone is very fragile, and the earphone cannot be used in many cases because the wire at the plug connection is broken.

  2. Don't plug and unplug the plug too much, because excessive wear of the plug will also affect the sound quality.

  3. After using the earphones, store the earphone cord from the earplug section. Reserve a bit of cord, but don't pull it.

   4. Be sure to turn down the volume before use. If the volume of your output device is too loud, it will not only shock your ears, but also shock the membrane folds. The worst one burns the voice coil of the headset.

   5. Keep the earphone away from strong magnetism. The magnetism of the unit will decrease, and the sensitivity will decrease over time!

   6. Keep the earphones away from moisture. The pads in the headphone unit will be rusty, and the resistance will increase, and your headphones will be biased.

Can I still use the earphones if it gets water? When my earphones get water, you can use the corresponding method to deal with it. If you handle it well, the earphones can return to normal use. If there are too many, it may become unusable. At this time, a new pair of earphones needs to be replaced. If your earphones are important to you, don’t use them in the presence of water, especially when walking outdoors on a rainy day. Try not to wear earphones.

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