Framing Hardware - Logan F16 3/8 Inch V-Nains For Hardwood

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Framing Hardware - Logan F16 3/8 Inch V-Nains For Hardwood

Graphics Framing Hardware Frame Joiner VNails 38 Inch for Hardwood

The Logan F16 3/8 Inch V-Nail is an extremely versatile framing hardware item. It is used for joining frames and creating corners. It is specially designed for use on soft wood. The F300-1 Studio Joiner and the F300-2 Pro Joiner are compatible with the Logan F15 V-Nail. You can find more information on both tools in the links below.

Logan F16 3/8" V-Nails

You can use Logan F16 3/8" V-Nains for Hardwood to create frames, corners, and join wood pieces. These nails go deep into hard wood to form a sturdy, solid corner. They are compatible with the Logan F300-1 Studio Joiner and Logan F300-2 Pro Joiner. You can purchase one nail at a time or buy several to use in your project.

Sizes of Nails Assortment Kit

This nail assortment kit for use in the construction of wood frames features various sizes of nails in varying lengths. The lengths range from 1 to 4 inches. This kit is also accompanied with an instructional DVD for further use. A single set contains approximately 650 nails, so a user can create any design he or she can imagine.

Sizes of Nails

You can find different sizes of V-Nails for soft wood on various sites. They are used for framing corners, joining frames, and securing artwork. The diameter of these nails is 10.3mm. For door and picture frame assembly, you can use the Logan F300-1 Studio Joiner. The F300-2 Pro Joiner is compatible with this nailer.

Sizes of Frame Backing Kit

If you are in the process of building a picture frame, it can be confusing to figure out what size of backing tape to buy. Luckily, there are many sizes of backing tape available and they can all be purchased separately, saving you the hassle of buying each one individually. Here are some options:


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