Garden Bloom 2110BL Poly Leaf Scoops Assorted Colors

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Garden Bloom 2110BL Poly Leaf Scoops Assorted Colors

The Garden Bloom 2110BL Poly Leaf Scoops Assorted colors are great for sweeping leaves and other debris off of lawns and garden beds. This polypropylene leaf rake features a handle for easy gripping and a nonskid bottom. The polypropylene material is also durable, making it perfect for outdoor or indoor use. The 2110BL is shipped to the United States by Desertcart.

Garden Bloom 2110 BL Poly Leaf Scoops Assorted Colors

Are you looking to buy Garden Bloom's 2110 BL Poly Leaf Scoops in Assorted Colors? Well, you've come to the right place. You can find this product from the official website and enjoy free shipping to 164 countries around the world! If you are living in Gambia, you can place your order on, where you can get your desired item within a few days!

Desertcart ships to United States

Are you looking for a way to purchase Garden Bloom 2110BL Poly Leaf Scoops Assorted Colours? If so, you've come to the right place! Desertcart is a legitimate site that delivers to 164 countries. If you live in Nicaragua, for example, you may be wondering whether you can order the Garden Bloom 2110BL Poly Leaf Scoops Assorted Colours from them. You can rest assured that Desertcart can deliver your order in no time, hassle-free and in excellent condition.

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Product is made of polypropylene

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Shipping is free

The lightweight, durable polypropylene construction of the 2110BL Poly Leaf Scoops provides a secure grip while picking up leaves and other yard debris. The nine-pointed tines in the center of the rake help cut disposal time in half. The rake's almost four-inch depth and angled tines prevent damaging grass. A free shipping offer will allow you to order one today!


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