Golf Equipment - Golf Cart Boat Cigar Holder

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Golf Equipment - Golf Cart Boat Cigar Holder

Golf Equipment Golf Cart Boat Cigar Holder

You can use a Golf Cart Boat Cigar Holder to hold your cigars. This accessory is made to be clipped on to your golf cart, and will allow you to easily place your cigars in the right location while you play. You can also use it outdoors, as the perfect size holder clips into any golf cart. You can also use Cigar Compadre, which is another clip-on holder.

Cigar Minder Clip

If you enjoy rolling up your favorite cigars while cruising around the water, you'll love the Cigar Minder Clip for golf cart boats. This multi-use accessory is designed to keep your cigars away from golf course chemicals, moisture, and more. Its convenient clip design means that it can fit almost anywhere, from the visor to your belt loop and hat. Its durable zinc alloy construction and golden polished finish make it easy to use and store.

Stogie Stow

The Stogie Stow for golf cart boat cigar holders are lightweight and easy to use. Each holder can accommodate three different sized cigars, and there is even a space to place sunglasses. The holder can be mounted on the boat via a tee holder, or stuck to the ground. The boat cigar holder is easy to remove and clean and comes with a limited warranty.

Composite Clip

Choosing a composite clip for golf cart boat cigar holder is a smart way to protect your investment. A cigar holder should be durable, easy to grip, and convenient, as you will likely be holding the cigar while driving. You also want a holder that does not slip out of the cart, causing you to lose your cigar. Choose a holder that is light, durable, and has no sharp edges.

Stage V

One option for cigar holders on a golf cart is the Stage V Clinger. This clinger features two prongs on the top that curve around the cigar. It separates as it approaches the distal end. It is designed to accommodate cigars of any ring gauge and is easy to use. To use the holder, you simply stick it to a metal surface and place the cigar between the two prongs.


There are several features to look for in a cigar holder. The right one should hold your cigars in a safe and convenient manner. It should be easy to use and secure without slipping off your golf cart or table. It should also be durable and lightweight so it doesn't compromise on portability. You may even attach it to the golf clubs. Here are a few important factors to consider when buying the perfect cigar holder for your golf cart.


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