Hakko CHP 170 Micro Cutter - Red

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Hakko CHP 170 Micro Cutter - Red

The Hakko CHP-170 is a medium-size, general-use cutter that is 4.75" long and made of carbon steel. In this article, we'll examine its features and learn why it's a great choice for home shops. The Hakko CHP-170 is made of carbon steel and uses a flush-cutting style. If you're thinking of purchasing one, keep reading.

Hakko CHP-170 is a medium size general use cutter

If you are a homeowner who enjoys working with electronics, the Hakko CHP-170 is surprisingly versatile. This medium-size cutter is designed to cut small to medium-sized wires, including component leads. It also features a cushioned PVC handle and a built-in internal spring that returns the tool to the open position when not in use. You'll have no problem using this cutter for a wide variety of tasks.

It is 4.75" long

The CHP 170 Micro Cutter is 4.75" in length and a medium-size, general-use cutter. It is a great choice for small to medium wire cutting tasks, component leads, and more. The carefully machined blades ensure accurate cuts with less force than standard cutters. The slender, lightweight design of the tool helps reduce fatigue. Its dolphin-style grips are easy to use and reduce hand strain.

It has a flush cutting style

The Hakko CHP-170 Micro Cutter is an innovative cutting tool with a flush cutting style. This tool produces a smooth, round cut instead of the jagged and angular look that conventional wire cutters create. Its unique design also enables it to cut a wide range of wires, from 16 gauge to thicker ones. Its flush cutting style means that it is suitable for all wire-cutting needs, including snipping small wires.

It is made of carbon steel

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It is sold by desertcart

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