Heavy Duty Self Closing Gate Hinges For Wooden/Vinyl/PVC Fences 1 Pair

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Heavy Duty Self Closing Gate Hinges For Wooden/Vinyl/PVC Fences 1 Pair

Heavy Duty Self Closing Gate Hinges for WoodenVinylPVC Fences 1 Pair

Having trouble closing your gate? This Heavy Duty Self Closing Gate Hinges for Wooden/Vinyl/PVC Fences 1 Pair package comes with two hinges, twenty-two vinyl installation screws, and swing adjuster tool. It also includes two 3.5-inch x 3.25" x 1.5-inch zinc-plated steel gate hinges.

TruClose(r) Safety Gate Hinges

There are two basic types of TruClose safety gate hinges - regular and heavy duty. Regular models are ideal for square-posted gates under 30 kg and heavy duty ones are suitable for heavier gates. Some of the heavy duty types come with side-fixing legs for added fixing strength and speed. Regardless of which type you choose, the product you'll buy will provide safety and security for you and your family.

T-Post Gate Hinge

This Heavy Duty Self Closing Gate Hinge is perfect for smaller gates and is made from stainless steel, reinforced polymer, and glass fiber parts. The hinges are completely waterproof, ensuring smooth operation even in freezing temperatures. They can support 66 pounds of weight and are rated for high traffic. For added security, the gate hinges are adjustable.

Regular model

There are a few different types of heavy duty self closing gate hinges for wooden or vinyl fences. The first is the SureClose hinge, which is concealed and comes with no visible fasteners. This hinge is also available in chrome or polished versions. The TruClose hinge is adjustable and comes with a 1-1/2" leg length. This product has a self-closing force of 66 pounds, which means it is ideal for heavier gates.

Heavy duty model

When it comes to gate hinges, there are several types available. Self closing gate hinges for wooden/vinyl/pvc fences come in a heavy duty model. This type of hinge is a great choice if you're concerned about sagging gates or want an extra-tough hinge. There are many benefits to this type of hinge, which will be discussed below.


If you are considering replacing your old hinges with self-closing ones, look no further than the D&D Technologies Heavy Duty Self Closing Gate Hinges. These are available in black, white, or beige and are compatible with most types of gates, including vinyl, wood, and PVC. These hinges are fully adjustable, so you can choose the closing speed you prefer.


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