How to Grow String of Pearls in a Hanging Terrarium

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How to Grow String of Pearls in a Hanging Terrarium

If you are looking for a new way to liven up your home, consider installing a hanging terrarium. They come in a variety of colors and shapes to match your decor. Then, you can add the foliage of trailing succulents to spill over the sides. You can even choose from a variety of species, including Pincushion cactus and String of pearls.

String of pearls

If you want to grow your own string of pearls in a hanging terrarium, you'll need to follow a few basic tips. This succulent plant is prone to overwatering, so be sure to water it only when the soil is half-dry. Once the soil dries out, you can skip watering it altogether. But don't worry-you can water the plant once a month in the winter.

First and foremost, the proper growing conditions for String of Pearls are moderate temperatures and partial shade. This plant needs a six to eight-hour light period daily, but it also tolerates a bit of shade. The best conditions for this plant are bright indirect light during the day and partial shade during the afternoon. Ideally, the plant is placed in a location with a temperature that is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

As they have shallow roots, String of Pearls do not need repotting every year. However, you should consider repotting the plant if it has outgrown its current container. If this happens, the plant may become root-bound. At this point, you should transplant it to a larger pot that is 10 percent bigger in both diameter and height. You may need to prune the plant occasionally to keep its shape and promote a fuller appearance.

Pincushion cactus

To grow a Pincushion cactus in a hanging planter, you will need a good soil mix. This mixture will provide the nutrients and feed needed by the plant, while preventing water logging. It's important to choose the right pH level for your soil, which controls the plant's availability of nutrients. This will also determine the chemical form of nutrients and the interaction between them. It should also contain the right ingredients in the proper proportions, which will achieve the desired compactness and aeration.

The soil should be kept slightly moist, but not soggy. To make sure your Pincushion cactus has adequate drainage, make sure the pot has plenty of drainage holes. Avoid placing your plant in a bathroom or kitchen that receives high humidity because the soil will be too wet. Lastly, choose a location in a bright, dry area so it won't get overheated.

The African violet has grown in popularity in recent years. This plant can reach a height of six inches and spread with offsets. Because it grows well in small pots and is a popular choice for succulent gardens, it is a great choice for smaller spaces. It's also an excellent choice for awkward spots in warm-climate gardens. And it can even be grown in outdoor pots. It requires bright, indirect light.


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