How to Make a DIY Cute Critter Note Taker!

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How to Make a DIY Cute Critter Note Taker!

DIY Cute Critter Note Taker

How to Make a DIY Cute Critter Note Taker! In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to cut out a fox's nose and tail, and add it to your notepad! You'll also learn how to color the fox's face and body! And, of course, the fox's tail! You'll want to add the ears and eyes as well!

How to add a fox to a notepad

There are two ways to add a fox to a small notepad. One is to use a thin clear fastener, like Velcro. Another is to create a slot for the nose. To make a slot, simply mark around the nose with a curved line. Then, color in the nose. Finally, cut along the nose to make it look like a fox's face.

You can also cut the ear and body pieces from a paper and glue them together. Then, you can add small black triangles to each ear with glue. Finally, make the head of the fox by cutting two pieces of curved white triangles. You can also draw eyes and a nose using a black marker. When finished, your fox's head is complete!

How to make a fox's tail

To make a DIY Cute Critter Note Takeer, follow these steps. First, cut the body of the fox out of the white cardstock. You'll need two pieces: a white curved triangle and a black triangle for the nose. You can use a black marker to draw the nose and eyes. Once the pieces are cut out, glue them together.

Next, cut a fox's tail from the red felt. You can also use a plastic tube or other flexible material for the tail. If you're using a cutting machine, you can use a template or a scoring board. In either case, use the scoring guide provided with the pattern. Make the fox's ears by marking 5/8'' in from each side of the 1/4'' score line.


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