How to Use a Putz House Kit to Make 4 Houses

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How to Use a Putz House Kit to Make 4 Houses

Putz House kit to make 4 houses  DIY  Ships from USA

Having a set of four putz houses is a great way to make a Christmas village cottage, but you may be wondering how to make them yourself. This kit is ideal because it includes everything you need to create 4 adorable houses. The instructions include: cutting vellum sheets to fit the windows and openings, gluing them into place and letting them dry. Once dry, you can fold the vellum sheets into shape and paint them. Alternatively, you can use glitter paint to add iridescent shimmer to your finished houses.

Putz style (also called coconut or glitter houses) Christmas village cottages

The word "Putz" is a German term meaning "to put." These traditional wooden houses are typically small and have a colorful roof, which can be flipped over to make a variety of house styles. Originally, these houses were made from old German candy boxes, but in the 1920s, Japanese-made pasteboard houses began appearing in Christmas village decorations. These houses were often decorated with small flickering lights.

The term "putz house" has many different meanings. The word came from the German term "putz," which means ornament, finery, or clean. They became popular in the United States in the 1920s. They are now a traditional part of Christmas village cottages. Their popularity didn't stop there, though. As the economy began to improve, putz houses became more widespread.

Glue the chimney to the back of the center roof peak

Next, you'll need to fold the porch and glue it to the Putz House. The back portion of the porch is made of thicker cardboard, so you'll want to use this to cut it. Use a sharp knife to cut out the shapes. Once you have the shape you want, glue it to the back of the center roof peak of the Putz House kit.

You can also use glitter to decorate the roof and chimney. You can mix it with Elmer's glue or glitter to create the snow look. After the glitter is dry, shake it over the house to cover it with sparkles. Once you're done with the roof, you can decorate the rest of the village and yard by adding fences and cotton to simulate smoke.

Apply a coconut finish

One of the most important steps in applying a coconut finish to a Putz House kit is choosing the right material. This material is a mixture of cellulose and a variety of dyes. While the original coconut is white, most modern models are made of a translucent material that is translucent and does not show any white patches. In order to get the right finish, choose a material that is consistent and complimentary to the putz house's color.

For a more realistic result, apply a clear coat of paint to the putz house. Then, you can add glitter or clear windows. For the window openings, glue red or yellow cellophane. If you do not have cellophane, you can use glue n glaze. This product will make clear window films over the openings. In addition, the front door tabs for the three-gabled house need to be glued to the house before it can be folded and attached.

Build a conservatory

One of the many options available when building a conservatory with a Putz house kit is to add a tower to one side. Traditionally, putz houses featured odd towers at the front or side. If you'd prefer to add a conservatory to your existing Putz house, you can follow these steps: cut out the windows in the conservatory sheets, and fold the sides in along the fold lines.

Next, fold the top tab inside to glue it on. The roof will fit on top of the other two pieces. You can also fold the final side in to hold the shape of your building. If you're building a smaller cottage, you might need to trim the crenelated edge of the balcony to fit underneath the roof. Once you've completed the basic building structure, you're ready to add a roof!


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