IRWIN Metal Spring Clamp 2-Inch

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IRWIN Metal Spring Clamp 2-Inch

Several spring clamps are available in the market today. These include the Irwin 222702 Quick Grip 2 Metal Spring Clamp, Bessy 2 1/4 x 2-Inch Steel Spring Clamp, and the Bessy XM series. If you want to buy a spring clamp, there are several factors you should consider before buying it. You should also consider the ergonomic handle and additional features that come with it.

Bessy 2 1/4 x 2" Steel Spring Clamp

The Bessy 2-1/4 x 2-inch Steel Spring Clamp features a 2-inch jaw capacity and a 2 1/4" throat depth. Its black vinyl covered tips provide a secure grip and it is nickel-plated for corrosion protection. It also features a heavy-duty spring and a non-slip handle to ensure a comfortable grip. Whether you are clamping a nut or bolt, this heavy-duty spring clamp will be your go-to tool.

This spring clamp features a premium-quality spring and rust-resistant nickel-plated steel jaws. Its handles feature a non-slip vinyl coating to prevent them from marring your workpiece. It is available in one and two-inch-capacity models. The larger capacity models offer a 2 1/4-inch throat depth and three-and-a-half-inch throat depth.

Irwin 222702 Quick Grip 2 Metal Spring Clamp

Using the IRWIN 222702 Quick Grip 2 Metal SpringClamp, you can perform all kinds of clamping tasks. The tools and features will help you produce professional-looking results. Here is a list of the most useful clamping tools from IRWIN. They come with various features to meet the needs of different projects. If you are looking to purchase a clamp, you should consider the following:

This versatile tool is perfect for holding items that are not too heavy. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for holding light objects, and its 150-pound clamping force is suitable for holding small objects. It comes in 1 in. and 2" sizes. Several other features help you make the right choice. You can choose the clamp depending on the size and type of work you're doing.

Bessy XM series steel spring clamps

Whether you need to hold a small object or hold a large one, a Bessey "XM" series steel spring clamps will do the trick. Featuring a heavy-duty spring and red vinyl-covered tips to prevent marring surfaces, these tools are easy to use and fast to apply. And with a nickel-plated finish, they are guaranteed to be corrosion-free.

Bessey KT5-1CP auto-adjust toggle clamps can be mounted on any bar, and have a roll-form threaded spindle for easy adjustment. Made of German high-quality profiled steel, this tool can be used in a variety of applications. And it's easy to clean. This product is also resistant to paint, grease, and glue.


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