Kendall Howard 10-32 Rack Hex Screws 100 Pack - USA Made

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Kendall Howard 10-32 Rack Hex Screws 100 Pack - USA Made

1032 Rack Hex Screws 100 Pack  USA Made

Kendall Howard 10-32 Rack Hex Screws are designed for use with any 10-32 tapped rack rail system, including universal cage nut style. Hardened steel construction ensures a superior finish and dimensional stability. Black oxide coating helps these screws blend in with most standard black network racks. Whether your network rack needs to be fastened securely or is looking for a stylish way to customize its look, Kendall Howard 10-32 Rack Screws are an excellent choice.

Kendall Howard

You won't find a lower-quality screw like the Kendall Howard 10-32 Rack Hex Screws at your local hardware store. These premium American-made screws are ideal for rackmount devices, cable managers, servers, and network equipment. They feature a pilot point to avoid cross-threading and guide the screw while installing. This package contains 100 screws, each one containing a pilot point to prevent cross-threading.

These hex screws are made from cold-hardened steel, ensuring superior dimensional stability and a high-quality finish. They're also finished in a black oxide coating to blend in with the majority of standard black network cabinets and racks. For a perfect fit, make sure you install your screwdriver with a Phillips head. Once you're done, you're ready to mount your rack.

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These Kendall Howard 10-32 Rack Hex Screws are ideal for securing your metal racks. They feature a pilot point to prevent cross threading and guide the screw when you're installing it. The screws are cold-forged with a black oxide finish, and come in a convenient tin that holds 100 pieces. This is the perfect choice for your next home or office construction project!

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Socket head cap screws have a nominal head diameter that is 1.5 times the size of the screw shank. They are ideal for applications requiring a high level of tooled appearance. They also carry an internal drive to increase strength. Stainless steel sockets are often superior in strength and corrosion resistance. These screws are used in a variety of applications. They are available in different sizes, from small to extra-large, and are available in a variety of metals and alloys.

When looking for a screw for your project, make sure to consider its threads. Cylindrical sockets are the strongest among all head styles. The internal hex socket drive is known as an Allen drive. This drive is more robust than standard low carbon steel fasteners. Additionally, fine-thread fasteners are about 10% stronger than coarse-threaded screws under static loading.


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